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150th Birthday of Bourjois + Preview Summer Limited Edition


Yesterday I had the chance to celebrate the 150th birthday of Bourjois Paris and to preview the
Summer Limited Edition
. There were some exciting new products and I can't wait to put my hands
on them! The event was held at this cute vintage boutique in Jumeirah called 'Bambah'.

Bourjois has been one of the brands I used for the first time when I was very young and when I just got
interested in make-up. I remember it was one of the brands my mom used to use a lot when I was a little
girl, and I used to sneak into her room to play with her make-up. I still use Bourjois a lot and their mascara's
and lip glosses are still my favorite ever since I tried Bourjois for the very first time!



Although it was super hot outside and my make-up was melting, it was really nice and the set-up was
so cute!


There was even sand with make-up displayed on it. The summer vibe was on full mode! 


The mascara colors looked amazing, the colors were so intense! I tried the tinted BB cream and I can't
wait to get one for myself. The texture was really nice and smooth and it smells delicious! 


The lipstick colors were really amazing! The bright colors are perfect for the summer.


Some really nice blushes!


Happy 150th birthday Bourjois!