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3 Looks with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Arty Blossom Palette




So MAKE UP FOR EVER has launched a new eyeshadow palette for this Spring! When I opened
the palette, my jaw dropped! No joke, I was literally looking at it with my mouth open because I was
so amazed by the colors! I like MAKE UP FOR EVER’s limited edition eyeshadow palettes in
general. I use all of them on a daily basis, so to me it’s really sad that they’re limited edition.



Arty  Blossom Palette- white background
MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ‘Arty Blossom Palette’

From left to right: #Gold Plum  #122 Metallic Copper  #Gold Beige
#Fresh Peach  #Rose Frais   #150 Turqoise Blue  #Gold Green  #Pearly White



The shades are quite vibrant but you can make the color pop by using it wet! In some area’s I used
it dry and in others I used it wet. I love all the shades, their soooooo pretty! It gives me such a
tropical feeling 😉


You can create soooo many looks with this palette. There’s so much variety in colors. Here are the
looks I created:

photo 2 photo 1

These are the shades I used for this look: #Gold Plum  #122 Metallic Copper  #Gold Beige  #Pearly White



photo 3 photo 3

These are the shades I used for this look: #Gold Beige  #Fresh Peach  #Rose Frais



photo 4 photo

These are the shades I used for this look: #150 Turqoise Blue  #Gold Green



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