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5 Make-up DO’S & DONT’S


Unfortunatley when I walk through the mall I still see a lot of women committing many ”make-up
don’ts” that obviously don’t look pretty but they wear it because;
1. They think it looks pretty
2. They don’t realize they’re committing mistakes OR….
3. Because they can’t let go of some make-up trends from back in the day.

Sometimes I just wish I could give these women a make over but of course I can’t. Instead, I will
point out a few Do’s and Don’ts that will hopefully help a lot of women.

Make-up DON’TS
1. DON’T wear dark lipliner + pink/nude/glossy lipstick! I know this was a huge trend back in the
90’s, but some things you just have to let go!
2. DON’T wear heavy eye make-up + heavy lips! Try to focus on one thing, if you’re wearing heavy
eye make-up then keep the rest of the face simple. If you’re wearing a very flashy or dark lip color
then keep the eyes simple.
3. DON’T unblend eyeshadow! Fact: Your make-up doesn’t look pretty if your eyeshadow isn’t
blended. It looks messy, heavy and it’s just not pretty. A blending brush is very crucial to have if
you wear eyeshadow a lot.
4. DON’T wear the wrong foundation shade! Use a foundation that blends with your skin. Before
buying a foundation, test it on your jawline to see if the shade matches your skin tone.
5. DON’T apply a dark eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrows. Keep the eyeshadow up until
the crease.
BONUS: Never, EVER wear more then 3 completely different colors on your eyelid!!! Surprisingly I
still see many ladies committing this huge mistake! Never, ever do it again especially not on your
wedding day it just doesn’t look good.

Make-up DO’S
1. DO use neutral colors; You’re always safe when using neutral/earthy colors. Nothing beats a
natural looking make-up look.
2. DO contour and define your eyes by using eyeshadow/eyeliner/eye pencil. Eye make-up is all
about enhancing your eye area, not coloring it.
3. DO use professional brushes to apply your make-up it makes such a big difference.
The brushes I like to use the most are by; Sigma Beauty, MAC and Sedona Lace.
4. DO take care of your skin and exfoliate regularly. Make-up starts with skincare, your make-up
will look so much more prettier if you take care of your skin.
5. DO try new looks and step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Personally, I think it’s very
healthy to step out of your comfort zone and to try new things.

I hope it helped. Good luck!

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