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A lipstick for different occasions through out the day

If there’s a topic I love to blog about it’s definitely lipsticks! There’s something about swatching lipsticks that’s so satisfying to me. In this post I’ve lined up some of my favourite lipsticks which I think are wearable for certain times or occasions of the day.





Swatches from left to right:

Marc Jacobs #228 Infamous  /  Rimmel Kate #34  /  Laura Mercier #Rose  /
Laura Mercier #Nude Rose  /  Dior #468 Bonheur  /  WOW by Wojooh #230 Honey Drops


Laura Mercier, Paint Wash Liquid Colour  //  #Nude Rose

IMG_4376 IMG_4380Rouge Dior Brillant // #468 Bonheur          Marc Jacobs, Le Marc // #228 Infamous

Just because you’re working all day behind a desk in the office doesn’t mean that you can’t look good! I really believe that wearing lipstick boosts the confidence of a woman and it changes our behaviour immediately. In the swatches above you’ll find my favourite nude/rosewood lipsticks of the moment. I’m obsessed with rosewood lipsticks, I think it’s the best shade ever! Its suitable for every skin complexion, it goes well with almost every type of make-up look and it’s not too light nor dark but noticeable enough.





Swatches from left to right:

Dior #688 Hollywood  /  Dior #  /  Urban Decay #Sheer Anarchy  /  Dior #779 Plaisir  /
Laura Mercier #Orchid Pink  /  Dior #775 Darling  /  Bobbi Brown #Hot Pink


Bobbi Brown, Art Stick  //  #Hot Pink

IMG_4385 IMG_4395Rouge Dior // #688 Hollywood                     Laura Mercier // #Orchid Pink

When I’m with my girlfriends we all know what time it is… It’s time for beauty talk!! We somehow always turn our conversations into beauty talks and we’re constantly talking about our favourite make-up products. When I’m meeting a friend I always like to wear a colourful lipstick. It just puts me in a happy mood and  it makes me look more approachable.





Swatches from left to right:

MAC #True Red (Toledo)  /  Dior #858 Royale  /  MAC #Russian Red  /  WOW by Wojooh #460 Krazy Karaz


M.A.C Cosmetics, Toledo Collection  //  #True Red

IMG_4411 IMG_4420Rouge Dior // #858 Royale                            WOW by Wojooh // #Krazy Karaz

I mean, what is date night without sexy red lips! There’s something about red lips that instantly makes a woman look and feel more feminine. At the moment, these are my four favourite lipsticks. The shade are a bit similar to each other just with different textures.



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