Najla Gun is a Dubai based make-up artist & blogger who is committed to providing the very best in makeup design and application. Her unique sense of artistic style, passion and a proven record of success have made Najla Gun the premier make-up artist for the region’s most prominent personalities.

Najla’s artistic talent has been recognized worldwide as she was handpicked by E! News to be the exclusive make-up artist for their visit to Dubai and personally worked alongside international superstar Jennifer Lopez and her team. She is proud to have worked with many international celebrities, brands and renowned magazines.

In a labor of love with a sincere voice that speaks to many, Najla is heavily devoted to creating quality content that inspires, influences and empowers both her audience and the people and brands she aligns herself with.

Among a vast sea of new and existing bloggers in the region, Najla is one who stands out with her uniqueness, credibility and ability to relate to her audience who share the same love for beauty and make-up.