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An Italian fairytale with Bottega Verde

Last month I traveled to the sunny Italy with Bottega Verde to get to the core and birth place of the brand which is in Tuscany.

I’ve been to Italy serval times before but it was my first time in Tuscany. It really looks like a postcard picture in real life, its SO beautiful! I visited the Palazzo Massaini which is owned by Bottega Verde. All of the brand’s commercials and campaigns have shot at the palace so it was interesting to see it in real life. The castle was built in the 15th century and its purpose was to be a castle of peace but now it’s known as the castle of beauty.

It’s 100% an Italian brand, from the people working there, to the ingredients that are being used in their products – everything is grown and produced in Italy. All of their ingredients are plant based, the only “animal” ingredients they use are beeswax & honey. I personally would describe Bottega Verde as a mass brand that has a very rich and interesting history.

Facts about Bottega Verde:
– Cruelty free, no animals testing
– 100+ products are being launched yearly
– It’s the most chosen skincare brand in Italy
– They’ve won the award “Retailer of the year” 8 years in a row
– It started as a family company
– 1972: their first store opened
– Today, they have stores in all continents

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Beautiful Tuscany

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Pasta, pasta, pasta

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I personally don’t drink wine or alcohol at all, but I love visiting vineyards! It’s so incredible to see these many fresh grapes growing in these huge yards. Being able to see that in the middle of Italy is such a beautiful and once in a lifetime experience. I visited the vineyard on the property of Palazzo Massaini (you can see the castle in the background behind me). These are also the very same grapes used in their products, how incredible is that! It’s such a traditional, Italian brand and for someone that lives the fast city life, I felt very lucky to be able to experience that.

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Olivo Collection
I got to attend a presentation of the new “Olivo” collection inside the beautiful castle, Palazzo Massaini. I’ve learned so much about the brands history, ingredients of their products and I got to try out the new collection as one of the first ones.

Personally, I’m super excited for the launch of this “Olivo Oil” collection. They’ve developed some pretty impressive products, from serums, face oil, deep rejuvenating facial creams. On top of all, the products are 95% natural. The collection has been dedicated to dry and sensitive skin in particular but everyone is able to use it (especially if your skin needs extra moisture). Its suppose to nourish, moisturize the skin and add radiance, it contains over 95% natural ingredients with the main ingredient being olive oil. The reason why the products contain olive oil is because it has a similar composition to the oils in our skin. However, to prevent the products from being too greasy they’ve combined it with other plant oils as well.

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New fragrances by Bottega Verde

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Making facial creams
“La Mia Crema” is something that the brand offers which is the option for consumers to customize their personal face cream and to create the perfect blend that suits you. You can even select your own fragrance that you like (from the Bottega Verde collection) and with the help of a detector, it analyzes your skin type and then the cream will be made according to the needs of your skin. I also got to experience how these creams are being made. As a beauty connoisseur, this was the first time for me to see it in real life so it was quite interesting. The process was a bit confusing to me because I’m not familiar with the “lab life” but all in all, it was a good experience to see this happen for the first time. After the cream has been made, it needs to rest for 24 hours before you’re able to use it.


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Bottega Verde comes off as a skincare, hair care and body care brand so it was a complete surprise to me to find out that the brand has a wide range of make-up products too.




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