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April Favourites | Pink Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those monthly beauty favourites. As I was collecting all of my favourite beauty products of the month I noticed that everything I picked out was accidentally in pink!



Laura Mercier  //  Flawless Skin, Infusion de Rose

> Nourishing Oil (285 AED)

> Nourishing Creme (314 AED)

I’m not gonna lie, when I first tried out the Nourishing Oil I didn’t like the smell! I just couldn’t get used to the concentrated rose smell. But as the oil settles into the skin.. WOW! It becomes so soft and smooth, it’s amazing! The oils can be used for anything; cuticles/nails, hair, body and on the face. I love using it on my legs since they’re very dry, and the great thing is that it absorbed quite fast into the skin (depending how dehydrated the skin is) so it doesn’t really causes any stains on the clothes. I use it now every morning after I get out of the shower and it leaves my skin glowy and moisturised. I mean, if you know how good a product is you just accept the smell and get used to it.

I use the Nourishing Cream after applying the oil. The cream feels very nourishing and refreshing at the same time and it does smell good, it has a sweet, floral scent to it. The packaging of the cream is quite small compared to the size of body creams I’m used to. However the formula is very rich and creamy so you won’t be needing too much at once.



M.A.C (Toledo’s Collection) // Blush Ombre

> #Ripe Peach

Leave it to MAC to create an ombre blush, it’s so cool! The ombre effect doesn’t disappear after using the blush several times. The two shades together make a very orange/coral shade. It’s not as pigmented as you would think by just looking at the blush. However, it’s very easy to build up the colour.The finish is matte and it does contain very tiny shimmers in it. What I love the most about this blush is that for some reason it kind of leaves a stain on the cheeks which is so unusual for a powdery texture, that makes it really unique!..



Laura Mercier  //  Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour

> #Nude Rose

I’ve been wearing this lip colour non-stop ever since I got it! Rosewood lip colours work so well for me lately. It’s in between brown and fuchsia which I personally think looks very classy and feminine. What I love the most about this shade in particular is that I can dramatically over line my lips without it looking too obvious. Once the texture has dried up, it lasts super long! The texture reminds me a bit of the Aqua Rouge by MAKE UP FOR EVER except this one is not waterproof.


Sally Hanson  //  Nail Lacquer (39 AED each)

> #331 Enchante:  A woodsy auburn evoking the earthy outdoors

> #641 Belle of the Ball: Get seduced by this luxuriant delicious vibrant purple

Both nail colours have a quite thick texture which only needs a single coat since it offers a full coverage from the first swipe. I’m obsessed lately with everything that’s in a rosewood shade so the #331 Enchante is my favourite nail colour at the moment. I love to combine it with the #641 Belle of the Ball and apply it on one or two nails only since it has a frosty finish.



M.A.C (Lightness of Being collection)  //  Mineralize Blush

> #Please Yourself

Hands down to one of the prettiest blushes I’ve used to date. It’s such a pretty blush, but you know what’s even more prettier? By using it as an eyeshadow! It’s SO pigmented & sparkly, there are so many different looks you can create with this blush its kind of multifunctional. If you have open pores like me, it’s probably not a good idea to apply it on those areas that’s why I love using it as an eyeshadow!


Clinique  //  Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette

> #06 Defining Pinks
> #02 Defining Berries

It’s been a while since Clinique came out with a really good make-up product. At the moment I’m crushing on these two new blushes. What I like about these blushes is that they come with a highlighter. Usually bronzers or contour palettes come with a highlighter so it’s refreshing to see something different. Having three colours in a blush palette is brilliant! First, you apply the highlighter on the cheekbones and as you go lower, you apply the darker colour. This creates that ombre effect on the cheeks. Its kind of an easy guide if your not good in blending powdery textures or make-up in general.



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