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Autumn/Winter make-up trends 2015/2016

Recently I attended the annual MAC trends event where the hottest make-up trends for Autumn/Winter 2015/2016  were being showcased. The main trend for next season is all about dressing the face again. From glamorous and statement looks to tribal and animalistic looks. Make-up is being taken to the extreme and it’s about celebrating strong, powerful and influential women. Make-up is back and it’s making an appearance in a diverse and cool way inspired by street style. The edgy and cool make-up looks are being inspired from the streets of London, New York, Paris and Milan. Its not about the actual make-up anymore it’s all about how it influences the hair, clothes and accessories and how it compliments each other.


These are the keywords of the four trends we’ll be seeing a lot next season:

1. Neon, graphic, edgy, sharp, tribal
2. Healthy radiant glow, plump skin, feminine, soft, elegant, natural bronze
3. Reinvention, strong bold colours, bare face & vibrant matte red lips, sensuality, ….seduction. Simplicity, minimalism, personalised make-up
4. Bohemian, earth tones, Gypsy, depth around the eyes


Milan woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 Giamba  showLondon woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 J.P.Braganza  showParis woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 Kenzo show

Beautiful and dammed
– Celebration of strong women
– Influences tough, aggressive makeup
– Cleopatra attitude & beauty statement; My beauty on my terms!
– Victorian, Punk, Gothic movement, Amato inspired
– Black lip is back
– Great Gatsby inspired; smokey eyes, dark lips, Monogrammatic
– Deconstructed classic eyeliner, rebellious (anti beauty movement)
– Tribal tattooing to create accents: star, moon, dots


Milan woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 Dsquared2 showLondon woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 J.Saunders showMilan woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 Moschino  show

Strength of beauty
– Uber feminine, chic & clean makeup. All about skin using minimal products.
– By wearing soft makeup, your strong soul shines through.
– Brows are a huge trend, extra groomed and a lot stronger, also thinner brows
– Touch of mascara, bit of lipgloss.
– Skin: Winter tanning/ skiing, sunkissed, winter bronze.
– Health concious, creating a healthy & beautiful look by using makeup.
– Studio water weight foundation, 1 shade can be used on every person.


Milan woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 Blumarine  showLondon woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 H.Fulton   showMilan woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 Roberto.Cavalli  show

Love worn
….We can all relate: them VS us
Them: perfect reality TV sisters, looking non stop beautiful, instagram pictures ….with perfect make-up on.
Us: we live in the real world, real life & jobs, constantly moving, make-up melts ….and gets messy. The messier the more mystery
– The morning after the night before, realness, believable and achievable
– Matte textures
– New smokey eye in town; see through smokey eye, melted eyeshadow, let it melt
– Celebrating imperfections, we all have flaws but these flaws make us unique
– Humid skin: walking in the cold and rain in London, then inside where it’s hot, ….goes out again then in etc. Similar Dubai lifestyle; drives in cooled car, goes ….outside in the hot & humid weather, then inside again with AC. This causes the ….make-up to melt and creates humid looking skin which should be embraced. As ….it melts, let it be.. No touch ups!


London woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 Preen showParis woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16 V.Branquinho showMilan woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16Blugirl  show

Red 70’s
– All about red lips
– What makes this red lip different?: 70’s feel, terracotta rust brick colours, red and ….brown shades
– Renaissance painting used as a colour palette.
– Matte texture, retro feel
– Influenced by street style
– Strobing/highlighting, illuminating, looking younger and vibrant.
– Blurring; happening in Korea. Using primers with optical diffusers which creates ….blurry effects
– Imperfect Flushed lips
– NC45 concealer used as rustic eyeshadow on the lids
– Terracotta brick lipstick with strong, groomed brows

What is your favourite make-up trend from next season? Let me know in the comment section below!


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