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This category of the blog is where you can find beauty recipes and even storage ideas that you can make at home with a low budget.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015

You think its easy but when it comes down to it, you NEVER know what to gift someone! At least, I have that problem all the time. Since we’re in festive season and everyone is getting their Christmas shopping done, I created a guide of things to gift for when you’re clueless. Despite the fact that I personally don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with helping a sister out 😉 Below you’ll find out why these items are perfect to gift during the festive season.

VIDEO: Super Easy DIY Perfume Tray!

So…. As I mentioned in my previous DIY video, I’m working on lots of fun DIY projects including this perfume tray. For the longest time I was looking for a tray that was big enough for all of my perfumes and it also had to be within my budget. The trays that I found were either too small, too big or too expensive. Then I figured, why not make my own tray! It was super easy to make and it’s very easy on the pocket too! With DIY projects it’s all about saving money and also, it’s so much fun to do! Especially when the end result turns out exactly the way you wanted to. Enjoy watching the video!

VIDEO: DIY Cute Accessory Hanger (budget friendly)

Okay, I know it’s not beauty related but I’ve been wanting to do DIY videos for so long! I’m always working on different DIY projects and I’m always redecorating my house. Recently, my husband and I even made our own bed out of wooden palettes and wood stain! We’ve literally just stacked them on top of each other, placed our mattress on it and it looks so cool and industrial, I love it! Building our own bed has saved us a fortune and I’m always motivating others to build things themselves because I find home decor extremely over priced here in Dubai. I’m currently giving my home office a makeover so I’ve been working a lot on DIY projects lately. I tried to film as many projects as I could but I usually work on these projects in the evening so the lightening is bad for filming. This time I made a cute rustic hanger to hang my purses on. It’s super easy and fast to make! It’s very easy on the pocket and you just need …