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Ever wanted to know what a fragrance is like before even trying out? Check out this section of the blog where I share detailed perfume reviews.


Review: Miss Dior fragrance

Dior has recently added another fragrance to their Miss Dior range. The Dior Perfumer created a fresh yet romantic scent that promotes love. The fragrance was created in the birthplace of perfumes: Grasse and the beautiful actress Natalie Portman is the face of it. “I refined the florality of Miss Dior Eau de Parfum to render it sensual and suggestive. It had to burst like that feeling of falling head over heels. A declaration of love, to love!” – François Demachy

Five perfect perfumes for the sophisticated woman

Just like we dress, listen to music or wear a certain make-up look according to our mood, most people also wear a perfume depending on their mood. The perfumes that I usually wear during winter are much stronger than the ones I wear in summer. As a perfume junkie I’m very picky and specific when it comes to choosing a fragrance. Whenever I want to go for a timeless fragrance that’s feminine that’s not too sweet nor too spicy, I usually choose a perfume that I think my mother would wear.  I personally don’t like most of the perfumes in the market that are considered “classics” so I’ve created my own selection of classics that I’m currently using. I usually wear these perfumes whenever I’m in a mature, sophisticated mood and when I want to impress someone (business wise) 😉

Luxurious Holiday Gift Guide (over $50)

After creating a budget friendly gift guide for the holidays, I also wanted to do a luxurious version for those who may have a bigger budget to spend on gifts. These are definitely items I would love to receive as a gift (ahumm, hint Ryadh). You’ll find some of my favorite places to get beauty products, jewelry, shoes, make-up tools, bags, candles and the list goes on. If you prefer a more budget friendly guide, then click here

Top 5 sweet fragrances for Summer

Sweet floral scents are my go to perfumes during summer. I love sweet fragrances however, I prefer floral scents over fragrances that smell like desserts. I  usually tend to wear sweet fragrances more during the summer season than during winter. I’ve made a list of my favourite sweet scents that won’t make you smell like a chocolate bar but more like a sweet flower instead.  These are my top 5 picks of sweet fragrances for summer

Is this the perfect scent for Ramadan?

You think you’ve seen it all with Jo Malone until out of nowhere they drop the most luxurious collection of colognes with each individual scent being completely different from another. The “Rare Tea” collection features colognes that are inspired by, you guessed it… Tea.  Not ordinary tea but from Japanese foothills to China to the Himalayas and for the first time; infused straight from the leaf into refined fragrances.

Introducing L’Occitane Oud & Rose fragrance

Introducing the Oud & Rose fragrance collection by L’Occitane…  Oud & Rose is the latest fragrance of the collection by L’Occitane. ”La Collection de Grasse” named after the Mediterranean city of Grasse in Provence. The collection was created to unite two regions known for history and tradition of perfumery, by creating balance between Arabic and French style in fragrance creation. I was approached by the brand to be a part of this fragrance project. I feel so honoured to have worked with L’Occitane on this campaign! I absolutely love the images, it really brings out the feeling and inspiration of the fragrance – a mysterious, woody and spicy breeze from the Orient.

Review: Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamon Cologne

I recently attended the launch event for the Jo Malone ”Mimosa & Cardamom” cologne and to my surprise I’ve learned so much compared to any other fragrance launches I’ve ever been to. Did you know that you can combine two or three fragrances together. If you feel like a fragrance isn’t sweet or fresh enough for you, you just add another fragrance to compliment each other… How genius! How have I never thought of this before?! This fragrance in particular is recommended to combine with the Jo Malone ”English Pear & Freesia” fragrance to add warmth to it.

Review: Modern Muse Le Rouge

If you’ve already loved the intense Modern Muse Chic version, you’re going to love the Le Rouge version even more! The difference between the Le Rouge version and the first two Modern Muse fragrances is that it’s much more softer, feminine, milkier, sweet yet fresh at the same time. This is one of the few fragrances that really speaks to me with every single accord. If I would create my own fragrance, it would smell exactly like this one!