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Here you will find hair tips, tutorials, how to’s and my experience with hair coloring.


Review: SACHAJUAN hair products

  I recently decided to switch up my current hair routine and try out some Sachajuan products. I’ve read so many great things about the brand and many respectable hair stylists are using it. Not to mention, the packaging is so photo friendly and “Instagramable”. I tried two of their products, the Moisturizing Shampoo and the Hair Repair Treatment. They look so sleek and chic, I love having these products in my bathroom. However, I’m so disappointed in these two products in particular…


Curly hair 101: How to take care of it

Curly hair comes in many different forms and shapes. Some have frizzy, fluffy, wavy, tight or open curls. One thing that all textures have in common: it can get dry AF! Prior to bleaching my hair, I never really understood the importance of treating & maintening my hair by using the right products. I literally washed my hair with any shampoo that I could find without making sure that it goes well with my hair texture.


Warm hair color ideas for Fall/Autumn

  In my personal opinion, I think that every season should be an opportunity to try something new whether it’s a new hair style, color or cut. In this post I’m sharing a few beautiful hair color ideas for Autumn, mainly warm brown tones. As much as I love being a blonde, these photos make me miss having dark hair!

Everything you should know before bleaching your hair

As you guys may have followed the process through my blog & social media, I changed my hair color from pitch black to white blonde. It took me a good year to really get that full head of white blonde since I had to keep getting highlights done every three months or so. I still get nervous every time I have to get my roots done because of how damaging bleaching is to the hair. It took me a while to understand how to take care of my hair, before, during and after bleaching it. If you have curly or coarse hair, your hair is naturally very dry which means you have to be extra careful with hair coloring, especially with bleaching. Over the past year, I’ve lost quite a big amount of hair due to breakage, simply because I was doing everything wrong during the entire bleaching process. I guess I’ve learned it the hard way because I wasn’t informed good enough nor have I done enough research on how to look after your hair after bleaching. Therefore, I want …

My experience at Tony El Mendelek’s hair salon

I get a tons of questions with regards to my blond hair. How I maintain it, if it was very damaging to my hair, if I get breakage etc etc. I feel like I talk so much about my new blond hair color but I still get a ton of questions about it. I recently had my roots done and a little bit of color correction at Tony El Mendelek’s salon here in Dubai.

Look of the day & hair update

I have to admit, this post is going to be a bit shallow just because it took me so long to get the perfect hair color that I’ve always wanted and now I finally have it. After my last session with Ali from SLaM salon, I’ve been OBSESSED with my hair color! Okay, it is a bit on the dry side and I did get some breakage from continuously bleaching it – BUT I’m really happy with the color ☺