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Ever wanted to know how your favorite make-up artist got started? Check out these interviews with iconic make-up artists and legendary beauty guru’s.

Talking make-up with Beyonce’s make-up artist: Francesca Tolot

I’ve been so privileged to attend Francesca Tolot’s for the second time! Last year was in Milan and this year it was in our very own Dubai. I’m such a big fan of her work and I felt so honoured to interview her as well for the 2nd time. In my last interview with Francesca, we’ve talked more about her career and the celebrities she’s been working with – this time we’ve talked about make-up only! She shares her favourite tips, tricks and trends. You’ve probably seen her work on Beyonce in her music videos from the past 12 years, on Charlize Theron, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and the list goes on and on…. Read my interview with Francesca from last year, here!  To see the beauty looks from her masterclass in Dubai, click here!

Q&A with Laura Mercier

I always enjoy interviewing iconic make-up artists or founders of beauty brands. Each and every person that I’ve interviewed in the past has a different approach to beauty and to the business side of it. Two weeks ago I was invited to London to meet with the one & only: Laura Mercier. I think every woman owns (or should own) a Laura Mercier product. The brand is famous for their ”Camouflage” and for their natural approach when it comes to make-up. I absolutely enjoyed talking to Laura Mercier, I could feel from her energy how genuine she is and that everything she says comes from the heart. I sat down with Laura Mercier at Claridges hotel in Londen along with her PR team. She shared her experience on working with Mariah Carey, how challenging it is to work with a business partner and what products she would launch dedicated to the Middle East!

Interview with Kat von D

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet and interview Kat von D. For those who aren’t familiar with who she is, she had quickly made a big name for herself in Hollywood as the ”celebrity tattoo artist”. Starring in her own reality TV show L.A Ink in 2007, Kat has tattooed many A-list musicians such as; Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Mary J Blige and Eminem just to name a few. In 2008, Kat von D launched her first (cruelty-free) make-up collection at Sephora. The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks have been extremely popular amongst many make-up artists and beauty bloggers all over the globe. The liquid lipstick is popular for it’s matte finish, long lasting and full coverage. It took a while for us to receive the collection in this region but it’s finally here! It was such a pleasure meeting and interviewing Kat von D. I loved how honest and raw she was about certain things. Looking forward to seeing more beauty launches from her.

Q&A with Davis Factor, founder of Smashbox Cosmetics

I love interviewing inspiring people who have established themselves in this tough industry. It’s always interesting to know how they started out and what ups and downs they’ve been through during their career. This time I got to interview Davis Factor who’s a fashion photographer and the founder of Smashbox Cosmetics. (A little fact about Davis; he’s the grandson of the actual Max Factor!!)  Smashbox Studios was founded in 1990 by the two brothers Davis and Dean Factor. The studio was being used to create high fashion shoots for huge magazines and celebrity photography for music labels. In 1996 Smashbox Cosmetics came alive, their goal was to create products that they felt like was missing on set. ”If the products work in tough studio environments, it will work in real life!” – According to Davis Factor. Today, the brand has become an essential make-up brand for many make-up artists and beauty bloggers (including me) all over the globe.

Interview Francesca Tolot (Beyonce’s Make-up Artist)

Last month I got the opportunity to attend the MAC Pro Masterclass in Milan hosted by Francesca Tolot. As the only make-up artist and blogger from the UAE I got invited to meet her and to see her work in real life. Francesca has worked with countless A-list celebrities such as; Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira and Gwen Stefani just to name a few! She also did the make-up for most of Beyonce’s music video’s from her latest Visual album such as; Drunk in love, Superpower, Blow, Haunted, Yonce, Partition, Flawless and the list goes on. Her work has been an inspiration to me for many years so it was a great honour for me to meet and interview Francesca!

Interview with the one & only Bobbi Brown!

I finally have interviewed one of my favourite and most respected make-up artists in the world! She is one of the most inspiring women and I look up to her, not only as a make-up artist but also as a woman. What she has achieved is so inspiring for many women especially for those who are struggling to balance their career with being a mother. Her make-up line is one of the best brands out there and there’s not a single woman I’ve met that doesn’t use Bobbi Brown make-up products.

Interview with MAC’s Senior Make-up Artist: Vimi Joshi

If she’s not working backstage at Milan fashion week, she’s doing the make-up for a celebrity and if she’s not somewhere on a plane she’s at the MAC counter serving customers. Last month I got the chance to interview this super woman called; Vimi Joshi who’s the senior make-up artist for M.A.C cosmetics Middle East & India. I asked her many questions from make-up trends, to how she started as a make-up artist!

Interview with Celebrity hair stylist: Jennifer Atkin

Yesterday morning I sat down with Celebrity hairstylist: Jennifer Atkin to ask her a few questions about her career and about hair tips. Jennifer is an incredibly talented hairstylist! She has worked with an endless list of A-list celebrities such as; Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Katy Perry and the list goes on and on. Personally I think that she’s such a role model because she started from the bottom and worked her way to the top by herself and I really admire her for that.            Hair by Jennifer Atkin She’s currently in Dubai doing hair sessions at the ‘Belle femme Salon‘ on JBR. She gave me a lot of helpful tips that I’m forever grateful for! And of course, I will share these tips with you! 😉

Interview with Middle Eastern Beauty Queen: Joelle Mardinian

Two months ago I got the chance to meet and interview Joelle Mardinian. I’m sure most of you guys know her and if you don’t, shame on you! Lol! Here’s a mini bio about her: Joelle Mardinian is an awarded make-up artist in the Middle East. She has her own TV show on MBC for over 10 years where she gives make-up overs to women with many insecurities. She has a beauty salon called; Maison de Joelle with many branches all over the Middle East! Joelle has recently opened up a clinic called; Clinica Joelle. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the brand ambassador of MAX FACTOR make-up!…. And she’s a mom of the 2 most adorable kids! Joelle’s work and especially her TV show has inspired me to become a make-up artist, she’s definitely one of the make-up artists I admire and look up to…Enjoy the interview! 🙂