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Swatches + Review: Smashbox “always on liquid lipsticks”

In case you missed it, Smashbox has released a matte lipstick collection in 20 beautiful shades. In my previous post “New beauty launches I’m excited to try” I featured two lipsticks from this collection. I mentioned that I would do a separate post with swatches of all shades. Below you’ll find hand & lip swatches + my review on the new “Always on liquid lipsticks”.

Brown lipsticks for everyday wear

There’s no denying that brown lipsticks have been popular these past few years and I hope the trend won’t be dying anytime soon. I personally love wearing brown lipsticks, not only because the 90’s is my favorite era when it comes to beauty and fashion trends but also because its very wearable on a daily basis. If you want to over-line your lips without it looking too obvious then brown hues are the perfect shade for that.

Last minute shopping ideas for Valentine’s Day

I’m personally super last minute when it comes to buying someone a gift so I’ve created a little V-day gift guide for her in case you would like to buy something for that special person in your life. I think Valentines day is the perfect day to express your love for the people in your life, whether it’s your mother, sisters, girl friends or your spouse. I don’t believe it should only be celebrated when you’re in a relationship/marriage. The items in this gift guide vary from make-up, home decor, jewelry and much more. I kind of want every single item, receiving home decor as a gift makes me so happy. There’s always room for extra home decor whether its in your living room, bathroom, bedroom or office. Also, a pair of good lingerie set can make me feel so good about myself, I personally find it a great confident booster.

VIDEO: How to properly use primers

How you’re using make-up primers is just as essential as your skincare routine. Every primer has a different purpose , some can be used all over the face and others should be used on targeted areas only. I personally have oily skin so I make sure to use an oil-free primer for my T-zone. I also have open pores on my cheek area, so I use a primer that helps to blur out the open pores and textured skin. I could go on and on about different primers and how to use them so I’ve created a short video that explains everything.

Review + Swatches: Tarte Lip Paints

I finally got to try out the highly anticipated “Lip Paints” from Tarte Cosmetics. I love the fact that the brand is trying to cater to different skin complexions by creating a wide range of nude lip colors. All the shades are absolutely beautiful but to my surprise, the quality of each color differentiates so much from one another!

Luxurious Holiday Gift Guide (over $50)

After creating a budget friendly gift guide for the holidays, I also wanted to do a luxurious version for those who may have a bigger budget to spend on gifts. These are definitely items I would love to receive as a gift (ahumm, hint Ryadh). You’ll find some of my favorite places to get beauty products, jewelry, shoes, make-up tools, bags, candles and the list goes on. If you prefer a more budget friendly guide, then click here

Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Guide (under $50)

I can’t believe it’s almost December and we’re so close already to welcoming 2017, time really flies! I always find it so difficult to buy someone a gift (especially for men!). Luckily women aren’t that difficult when it comes to buying gifts. Get a girl a make-up palette or anything that looks sparkly and she’s happy (at least, I am). I’ve put together a budget friendly gift guide just in time for the holidays. There are some really cool items in this gift guide that you can get for under $50. This guide is focussed on women so hopefully this will help you to buy a nice gift wether its for your spouse, mother, sister, daughter etc. All items are linked to the websites where you can purchase them. Happy shopping! <3