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The miracle supplement that every woman should be taking, daily!

It’s a supplement made from a root vegetable that grows on the Andes mountains in Peru: Maca powder. I first found out about Maca powder about 4 years ago through one of my favorite authors: John Grey. I was just scrolling through his website and was watching his videos. Then, I watched a video about testosterones and estrogens and how they exactly work. As he was explaining about estrogens, he mentioned Maca powder and pointed out the importance & benefits of this supplement for women and that we should be taking this daily.

What cutting out on dairy has done to my skin and body

I first read about Khloe Kardashian losing weight by cutting out on anything that contains dairy. I mean, can we all agree at how amazing she looks lately so whatever she’s doing; I have to get on it too! Sure, she probably has a chef that cooks her healthy meals and has a personal trainer but if this has also helped her to lose a few pounds I thought it was worth the try so I gave it a go. A part from that, I always read articles about how dairy is really bad for your body & skin and how it shouldn’t even be consumed by human beings. This time, I did a little more research and I found out that it clogs your pores, causes pimples on your chin & jaw line, it contains lots of hormones which can cause men to get men breasts. Apparently human beings aren’t suppose to consume dairy after the first year of being born because your body stops digesting it that’s why a lot of people are …

Health benefits of traditional Moroccan hammam

You haven’t tried a real Hammam unless you’ve it done in North Africa. Prior to my trip to Morocco, I’ve only had Hammams done in Algeria (which is where I’m originally from) and it’s exactly the same like the “Moroccan” hammam I did in Marrakech so I really enjoyed it ☺ In North Africa it’s a tradition to visit the Hammam every week to wash off all the dirt and stress from your body. It’s an amazing ritual especially considering the health benefits that Hammams have. Moroccans and North African people in general are a pro in taking care of the skin and hair just by using natural ingredients. I’ve learned so many amazing natural beauty tips from my mom and aunts that I still use until this day. One of the natural ingredients that I use on a daily basis is Argan oil, which is also used during the Hammam ritual.

Are these face masks worth trying?

First and foremost, I’m a dedicated user of Bobbi Brown’s skincare products – I use it a lot on all my clients. Their “Hydrating cream” is amazing to prepare dry skin prior to applying make-up. It prevents the skin from becoming flaky, it extends the longevity of the make-up and I recommend it on all my clients that have a dry skin. Their “Hydrating Eye Cream” is also insanely good and I use it on myself a lot. I think her skincare line is even better than the make-up products (even though I’m a huge fan of the make-up line too.)

Beauty blogger confession

The amount of make-up, skincare and perfumes I get sent to me on a daily basis is overwhelming. I do feel extremely blessed that I receive almost every new beauty product that’s on the market, right on my doorstep. Every time I receive a new package it feels like it’s my birthday. The only downside of receiving so many beauty products daily is that it’s extremely challenging to try everything out.

Sephora haul

I’ve recently attended a multi branded Sephora event where we got introduced to the latest launches available at Sephora. They fly in the spokesperson of each brand from all over the world and they talk us through the new products and launches. After every Sephora event, they provide everyone with a massive goodie bag filled with all the latest products. I’ve lined up some of the new launches that are available at Sephora across the Middle East including brands like: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Starskin, Nails Inc. and many more!

My first experience at ESPA in Abu Dhabi

I’ve visited the the Ritz Carlton hotel in Abu Dhabi many, many times! However, for some reason I never got the chance to visit the ESPA. I tried the Advanced Radiance Facial (of 90 min) which is a recent new treatment introduced in the spa. Obviously, the products that were used during the facial are personalised and selected according to your skin type. Before my facial, I got the chance to meet Susan Harmworth who is the founder and CEO of ESPA. I was shocked to find out that she’s already in her 70’s because of her great energy and amazing (almost wrinkles) skin, she looks in her 50’s. This was the main reason for me to be so excited to try out their facial and skincare products. I mean, she’s the living proof that her products work amazing!

For the love of the ocean: La Mer’s Blue Heart Cream!

With the celebration of World’s Ocean Day – La Mer, known for producing products that are inspired by the ocean has teamed up with National Geographic including Dr. Sylvia Earle who has studied the ocean for nearly half a decade! The goal with Blue Heart is to help create awareness of the need to protect and explore the ocean. With the limited edition packaging (which is available starting from this month) La Mer is sharing its Blue Heart through a commitment to supporting the protection of ocean habitats for generations to come.