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The name says it already, if you’re interested in tutorials than you’re at the right place.

VIDEO: How to properly use primers

How you’re using make-up primers is just as essential as your skincare routine. Every primer has a different purpose , some can be used all over the face and others should be used on targeted areas only. I personally have oily skin so I make sure to use an oil-free primer for my T-zone. I also have open pores on my cheek area, so I use a primer that helps to blur out the open pores and textured skin. I could go on and on about different primers and how to use them so I’ve created a short video that explains everything.

VIDEO: How I keep my hair healthy after bleaching it

As you may know, bleaching your hair is extremely harmful and drying to your hair. As someone who’s got dry hair to begin with, it was challenging to keep my hair healthy, shiny and moisturised through out the bleaching process. In this video I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on how I kept my hair happy and healthy! If you thought the video was helpful, please make sure to give it a thumbs up.

VIDEO: Updated Eyebrow Tutorial

The most common question I receive is; “How do you fill in your eyebrows?” I’ve already posted an eyebrow tutorial last year but during that time, my eyebrow game has definitely stepped up 😉 In today’s video I’ll show you my current eyebrow routine, make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you thought it was helpful 🙂  

VIDEO: Updated Skincare Routine

As a beauty blogger, I’m always testing out new skincare products so my skincare routine constantly changes. That’s why I’ve decided to do a video of my current skincare routine and what I do to keep my skin healthy at all times. I recently started using products from the French brand: Institut Esthederm and I’m very impressed by the effectiveness. I’m also still using the Clarisonic, just not as often only once or twice a week. I hope you enjoy watching the video and hopefully it’ll be helpful to you 🙂

VIDEO: Evening glam with Bourjois

One of the many requests I get, is to use more affordable and budget friendly products in my tutorials. In this tutorial I decided to use products from one of my favourite drugstore brands: Bourjois. The first lipgloss that I ever bought with my own money was actually from Bourjois. My mom used to wear a lot of Bourjois lipglosses and blushers so I would always steal it from her and wear the makeup to school. One time in kindergarden my teacher actually sent me back home because I was wearing way too much makeup (not age appropriate at all!) without my mom knowing it, lol! The lipgloss I was wearing was also from Bourjois and it was a super bright fuchsia colour so I had to wash off all of my makeup at home… In this video I created a wearable evening look. The lipgloss I used is from their latest launch, the Aqua Laquers. The lipgloss comes in 8 shades varying from pink to red colours. They’re highly pigmented, super lightweighted and non sticky. …

VIDEO: NARS x Christopher Kane Summer Make-up Tutorial!

There are so many NARS lovers out there so I decided to do a tutorial using my favourite NARS products. I also used all products from the new limited edition collection Christopher Kane for NARS so you kind of have an idea of how the products look like on the skin. To see the full review of the NARS x Christopher Kane collection, click here! I skipped the part where I fill in my eyebrows because I’ve already filmed a step-by-step tutorial on than. If you would like to see my eyebrow tutorial, click here!

VIDEO: Bold, edgy make-up tutorial!

I always like to try out different looks and step out of my comfort zone. In this tutorial I didn’t go super crazy on the look but I did create something that I don’t easily wear (only on occasions). A good pair of full lashes is definitely a necessity to me, it’s the right finishing touch to any type of look! After filming this look I might wear this lipstick shade more often than I used to do…