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The name says it already, if you’re interested in tutorials than you’re at the right place.

TUTORIAL! How to depot your lipsticks into palettes

A few days ago I finally took the time to depot my lipsticks into palettes! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I decided to film all the steps because I’m sure a lot of people would like to know how to do it. There are many different ways to do and I chose not to melt them. By melting them the surface looks prettier and very neat however, it really does change the texture of the lipsticks and it might ruin them. The reason why I’ve decided to depot them is because as a make-up artist it makes my life much more easier. Instead of carrying 100+ lipsticks in my kit I can just carry the palettes with me which doesn’t take up much space and they’re not heavy.

Pic Tutorial: The most accessible way to contour suitable for Summer!

With the heat and humidity (especially here in the Middle East) it’s best to wear less make-up in Summer. Wearing a lot of make-up or a thick layer in combination with strong UV rays can seriously harm your skin. However, most women (including me) can’t leave the house without wearing make-up. Personally, I always contour my face but since it’s so hot and the texture of the foundation sticks to contour are way too thick, I’ve found the perfect foundation stick that can be used for Summer!

SUPER Glossy Make-up Tutorial!

It took me forever to post this tutorial! I recorded it about 4 months ago but I never got the chance to edit it because I’ve been very busy with work for the past few months. Working as a make-up artist can be super hectic! I really, really wish I could post more tutorials because it’s the most requested and I really enjoy doing it but it takes ALOT of time which I don’t always have.