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Benefit’s new yummie make-up products!



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Benefit cosmetics has added 3 new products to their collection which made me longing for summer
like never before!


‘Lollotint’ Candy-orchid tinted lip & cheek stain

Unlike all the other lip & cheek stains by benefit, this one has a thick and creamy texture. When
using this product, please note that it stains immediately on the skin. So make sure to blend it out
very fast once the product touches the skin! Otherwise you’ll have an unblended pink spot on your
Price: $30



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‘Ultra Plush LIP GLOSS’

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a lip gloss before. I absolutely love the shade of the
gloss and it gives my face a fresh and healthy look. The candy smell of the gloss is sooooo
delicious! I feel like eating the lipgloss of my lips! The formula is very thin and light for a lip gloss. It
feels very moisturizing and it gives an instant plump to my lips! Also what I really love about this
gloss is that my hair doesn’t stick to my lips when I’m wearing it.
Price: $16



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The colors of the packaging and of the blush itself really reminds of summer night’s and sunsets
which makes me very excited for the summer again! The blush comes with an angled brush (that
fits into the box) which allows you to contour the area’s of your face you’d like to contour. The
shade is a bit bronzy and purple which gives my cheeks a beautiful deep contour!
Price: $28


These products by Benefit are available now in the Middle East.




  1. Diana Zaki says

    You’ve created a beautiful, stunning look with the products. May I ask you what contacts you are wearing?

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