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Best beauty looks from the MET gala 2016

I always look forward to seeing the beauty looks from the MET gala. As a beauty connoisseur, it gives me a lot of inspiration and its nice to see what beauty looks the A-list celebs are into lately. Smokey eyes is making a huge comeback; many celebs are rocking it paired with nude lips. The theme this year was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” In this post I’m sharing my favorite looks from last night’s MET gala.

hailee-steinfeldHailee Steinfeld
She looks all kinds of sexy and badass, one word; goals!

Rita Ora
I can’t stand red lipstick on her, I feel like the strong brows + red lips hide her real beauty so it’s nice to finally see her with nude lips – it softens her entire face. I’m also glad that her make-up artist lightened up her brows, it looks so much better!

Taylor Swift
Yes to the white blond hair and yes to the bold lips! It’s nice to finally see Taylor Swift changing up her look.

Love, loveeee the eye make-up and brows! Zendaya is serving all kinds of fierceness (I’m not sure about the hair though).

Kirsten Steward
The look is far from being feminine or glamorous which is why I like it. I think it’s edgy, cute and something completely different.


Kylie Jenner
I mean, does she ever get it wrong when it comes to her make-up? I don’t think so! Loving the bob too, it’s very cute.

Kate Bosworth
Serving you golden ancient Greek goddess!

kim kardashian met gala 2016
Kim Kardashian
Don’t get me wrong, I love bleached brows and I think this is a beautiful look for an edgy photo-shoot. But for a glamorous event? Not so sure… However, it’s still the MET gala so I guess anything is possible. Her eye make-up and skin is perfect!

Bella Hadid
I’m blown away by Bella’s beauty, she looks good in everything. This simple look she’s wearing, makes her look like a classic and timeless beauty.

Emma Watson
Timeless beauty! Yes to the brows, lips… and freckles!

Amandla Stenberg
Brows on fleek!

I love the colors that are going on in this entire look. From the hair color, dress to the nude lips and Smokey eyes. However, I do wish her eye shadow was a bit more blended around the edges.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi could wear a trash bag and still slay it. She looks like a bronze goddess and ice queen all at once, love it!

Poppy Delevingne
Love everything about this look! From the hair, bold lips to the accessories.

Margot Robbie
Beautiful lady with minimal make-up and a hint of metallic gold eye shadow.

She’s famous for her bold, purple pout. But I’m loving the soft and neutral colors on her.

Kendall Jenner

Jourdan Dunn
Beautiful! This is how a metallic Smokey eye should be done, love it. Just a side note, I don’t think the glue that was used for her lashes was strong enough as it’s already coming off on her left eye, oops!

Emma Stone

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato
Even though this look is making her look older than she is, I still think its beautiful. From the Smokey eyes and the slightly overdrawn lips, to the perfectly contoured face.

Lara Stone

Alexa Chung
Minimal, but stun-ning!

Katy Perry
Many people will probably disagree with me, but from a make-up artist’s point of view; I love this look! Although I’m not a fan of the hair but I think the blue/purple lashes combined with the black lips and contoured skin look beautiful!


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