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Is this the best full coverage foundation ever?

I just found my new favourite foundation! When I first tried it out on my hand I was
SUPER impressed by the full coverage and by how light weighted it was, I couldn’t
wait to try it out on my face.


I usually test out foundations on myself first before I pack it in my kit to use it on my
clients. As I was packing my kit to get ready to do one of my clients’ make-up, I quickly
tried out the NARS ”All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation” on my hand to see
whether or not I should pack it with me. I was SUPER impressed! The skin on my hand
is quite uneven and the foundation had fully covered all of the blemishes and scars!
Since this particular client of mine is a NARS lover (like me), she agreed on that we try
out the foundation on her. Even though she already has a great skin, I was shocked by
how good the coverage was. Not only because I used just a tiny amount but also because
of the fact that the texture is super liquidy, so I wasn’t expecting that much coverage.


Swatches in # Cadiz & #Mont Blanc


Before                                                                        After

To get the shade similar to my complexion, I mixed both foundation shades together
(#Mont Blanc & #Cadiz). You can clearly see in the before & after images that the
foundation has evened out my skin tone and it got rid of the redness (without using a
colour corrector). It feels SUPER light weighted on the skin and it really feels like
second skin, as if you’re not wearing any foundation at all. However, I don’t think it
photographs very well. It looks way better in real life, it looked more natural and
airbrushed. I personally think that it looks a bit cakey on camera. The foundation has a
matte finish however, in the After image above my forehead looks a bit greasy which
wasn’t the case at all. 

If you’re looking for a full cover foundation that lasts long and feels light weighted on the
skin, I definitely, DEFINITELY recommend this ”All Day Luminous Weightless
  by NARS.

Price: $48 each


  1. Ala'a says

    You mentioned its liquidy, would that cause breakouts? I have used Chanel foundation unfortunately it caused breakouts on my chin 🙁

    • najlakaddour says

      Every skin type is very different, you might have a very sensitive skin and be allergic to certain ingredients. I personally have a sensitive skin as well and so far I have never got break outs from any NARS product before. The texture of the foundation feels super light, almost like second skin. Usually it’s thick and creamy products that cause break outs because is clogs the pores.

    • najlakaddour says

      The foundations are officially launching in February (if I’m not mistaking)

      Not sure if NARS is available in other emirates than Dubai. But Dubai mall sells NARS makeup.


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