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Clarins Make-up Session with Laudomia Pucci


Last week I did the make-up for Laudomia Pucci (the daughter of fashion designer Emilio Pucci).
She was in town to do interviews with several journalists, so I was there to make sure her make-up
looked good.

Her make-up style is super, super, SUPER simple! She doesn’t like to wear a lot of make-up and
it’s important to her that she looked as natural as possible. The only products I used on her were;
foundation, powder, bronze, concealer, lipstick and mascara but only on her top lashes. I did the
make-up for Mrs. Pucci 3 days in a row and I only used Clarins make-up products.


Product Details
photo 2

Concealer: Clarins Instant Concealer
in #02

Foundation: Clarins Extra-Comfort
Anti-Aging Foundation in #105 Nude
Powder: Clarins Graphic Expression
Face & Blush Powder

Bronze: Clarins Bronzing Duo SPF15
in #01 Light


Clarins Be Long Mascara
in #01 Intense Black


Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm
in #03 Crystal Coral


IMG_8160 IMG_8164
The simple make-up look on Laudomia Pucci


photo 1 photo 3
Waiting for Mrs. Pucci (in the back) to finish her interviews.


photo 5
Diala Makki interviewing Laudomia Pucci for her TV-show on Dubai TV ‘Mashaheer’




  1. Jessica says

    I saw you actually that day when you did the make-up for ms pucci. I saw you in the Ritz hotel with her. I wanted to say hi but I didn’t want to disturb you.
    Hopefully I will get to meet you one day :))))

    I wish u all the best!

  2. Sarah H. says

    I love the fact that you share with us the product details everytime yu do the make-up of someone important!


  3. Aline Z. says

    Woooow you got to do the make-up of Emilio Pucci’s daughter!! That’s so
    awesome!!!! Congratulationssss she looks great 🙂

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