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Curly hair 101: How to take care of it


Curly hair comes in many different forms and shapes. Some have frizzy, fluffy, wavy, tight or open curls. One thing that all textures have in common: it can get dry AF! Prior to bleaching my hair, I never really understood the importance of treating & maintening my hair by using the right products. I literally washed my hair with any shampoo that I could find without making sure that it goes well with my hair texture.


Hair treatments

One thing that I’ve learned over the past few years is that doing hair treatments regularly is SO important! Whether you’re doing it at home or at a hair salon & whether your hair is bleached or not. Get-on-that-hair-treat-ment-girl! Find a treatment that suits your hair. Do research online, read reviews and most importantly think about what you want to achieve with your hair. Do you want to prevent or reduce breakage? Do you want to add shine to your hair? Do you want less frizzy curls or do you want volume? There are 2 treatments that I personally love!

1. Hair botox:

this works so well if your hair isn’t colored. If you have colored hair, the treatment might affect the hair color so keep that in mind. The treatment can only be done in hair salons since the product isn’t available for consumers. It can be quite expensive (up to $200, varies per salon) but it works like magic!
What it does: it reduces the amount of frizz leaving the curls nourished and smoother. It also adds a significant amount of shine, it’s very obvious on dark hair. It makes the hair feel soft and makes it more manageable.

2. Olaplex:

I recommend this if you have bleached or colored hair. You can get it done at hair salons but you can also purchase the bottle and do it yourself at home. The price for a salon treatment varies but its usually more expensive than the actual bottle. With the thickness and length of my hair, I can get 3 sessions out of 1 bottle.
What it does: it strengthens the hair significantly which leads to less breakage. If you’re using olaplex treatment regularly, make sure to back it up by using an anti-breakage shampoo so you’ll get the most out of your treatments. I used to do the treatment once a week but I’ve noticed that if I use olaplex every other week, it’s more effective than using it every single week. I guess the product needs some time work in before doing another treatment.


Styling products

One thing that I always have been picky about is styling products. Finding a good styling product is like finding a good hair dresser. Once you find it, you’ll always be loyal to it. Now that my hair is bleached, it’s more difficult to find good products that nourishes and defines my curls at the same time. My current favorite hair brand is Cantu. They have a wide range of products for different purposes but all dedicated to curly & frizzy hair. Besides being effective, it’s very affordable too. For a while I used to use the Moroccan Oil Treatment which retails for almost $50 each. With my thick hair, I could easily finish a bottle within a month. I tried different products to find as an alternative and I came across the Cantu Super Shine Hair Silk  for $8 each and it’s more effective than the Moroccan Oil product.

When finding a styling product for my hair, I usually try to stay away from the big brands. I’ve noticed that 9 out of 10 times, those brands don’t know how to create good products for my hair and when they do, its usually very overpriced.


Hair oils

Nobody likes having split ends and unfortunately curly hair has more split ends compared to softer hair textures. Oils have many benefits but when it comes to curly hair, it helps to make curly hair softer, more manageable and reduces the risk of breakage. It’s basically the remedy for brittle hair. Use hair oils that contain natural argan, coconut or olive oil. Oils can even be applied on the roots since curly hair doesn’t get oily as quickly, however, make sure not to over do it. Apply just enough oil to moisturize and nourish your hair.



Ever heard of the term co-washing? This means that the hair is only being washed using conditioner. It’s the most gentle and non-damaging method to cleanse curly hair. Washing the hair with traditional shampoo can be quite damaging for curly hair. It’s already fragile enough without marinating it in chemicals. Instead, you should use conditioner only to cleanse your scalp. This can be particularly beneficial to curly hair, as it needs moisture replenished more often than regular hair. After conditioning your hair, see how it feels. If your hair feels spongy or mushy, you may be over-doing it. A quarter-sized drop of conditioner should usually be enough.


Investing is important

Anyone that has long or medium length hair, man or woman, knows how much their hair means to them. Having good hair is far more important than having a good make-up look (that’s my personal opinion). Make-up, you can just wipe off, hair will still be there. Therefore, investing in good products and maintaining is essential.

Water & crunching

Every person with curly hair knows that water & crunching is sometimes the only thing you need to get beautiful curls. Products are being used to add shine, smoothen out the hair and make it less frizzy but water is usually the key to curly hair. Reason why; water helps to make the curls stick together and it creates defined curls.


Hairbrushes can cause a surprising amount of breakage. Make sure to use a wide toothcomb instead. If you’re having trouble detangling your hair, use a Tangle Teezer or Denman brush (on wet hair only). Curly hair is very prone to tangles so make sure to brush it gently on wet and conditioned hair only to avoid damaging your hair. When combing or brushing your hair, gradually move upward instead of starting at the roots. It’s much easier to comb through knots at the ends first.



Check out my old curly hair tutorial if you haven’t seen it yet.



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