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Day 2 in Doha, Qatar

Day 2 and my last day here in Doha, I had so much fun here in “mini Dubai”. I love how the public places here are really quiet and not as packed as in Dubai. We visited The Pearl, the Museum of Islamic Art and had some more food at the W hotel Doha . Below you’ll find a few snaps of my 2nd day here in Doha, Qatar.



Hotel lobby

Room view


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Trust me, you haven’t lived if you haven’t had breakfast the W Cafe. The food is SO good! You’ll have a choice of healthy dishes and not so healthy dishes (a.k.a cakes & pastries). Our favorite breakfast dish was the “Egg Avocado” which is literally egg benedict but instead of the English muffin, you’ll get avocado. What I also like about this dish is that the Hollandaise sauce comes on the side, this way you can control the amount of sauce yourself. The cafe has an entire counter of sweets, pastries and cakes – heaven!



The museum of Islamic art is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. As you can tell from the images, the architecture is incredible! The museum is massive, I felt like an ant in there. Inside the museum you’ll find Islamic art such as rugs, tiles, jewelry, paintings etc from the 15th century! Yup, pretty insane. There’s a large outdoor area that has a stunning skyline of the city where we took some pictures but then it started to become really cold so we went back inside for a hot chocolate and watched the sun go down 🙂




Spice market is hands down favorite sushi spot. Everything tastes so fresh, they serve the softest and most tender fish – it literally melts in your mouth. We couldn’t get enough of the sushi and the Japanese crab salad, its definitely worth flying to Qatar for. Again, the staff here were very cautious with any dairy & gluten allergies and they made sure that the dishes didn’t contain any of those ingredients.





I’ve been to The Pearl before but this time I explored a different side of the area. If you’ve never been to Doha before, The Pearl is exactly a mix of the Palm Jumeirah and Marina. There are shops, cafe’s/restaurants and there’s a harbor with yachts and boats. It’s such a pretty and peaceful place, also very “Instagramy”.




La Spiga is an Italian restaurant located right next to the lobby at the W hotel Doha. Three years ago, before I became “gluten-free” I tried most of their signature Italian dishes which are pasta, pizza and burrata. I absolutely loved the food back then, this time I went for a gluten-free bolognese pasta and a salmon tartar. Italian dishes mainly contain gluten and dairy, luckily the restaurant did have gluten-free pasta and bread available. The quality of the food is phenomenal, very fresh, the portions are big and there’s a wide variety of dishes available. The atmosphere at the restaurant is very cozy, perfect for a date night.


I hope you enjoyed Doha through my eyes. Stay tuned for future #NajlaTravels posts on Instagram.


W Doha Hotel
West Bay, Street 831, Building 262
Doha, Qatar




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