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Review: Dolce & Gabbana | Sicilian Jewels Collection Christmas 2013

Dolce & Gabbana has recently added 4 new ‘Classic Cream Lipstick’ shades to their
Sicilian Jewels Collection Christmas 2013. The inspiration for these shades came from very
precious Sicilian stones because they are a symbol of passion and power.

The lipsticks look creative and a lot of fun!


photo 3


#175 Rubino

This red lipstick is absolutely gorgeous! The formula feels very creamy and looks shiny. The shade
is soooo Italian!.. LOVE!
Price: $35



#20 Topazio

Believe it or not but the gold lipstick is my favorite one! First of all, the coverage is very sheer so it
blended nicely with my natural lip color. It ended up looking like a shimmery nude lipstick! However,
I do think that this is something personal and can look different on any one else.
Price: $35



#390 Ametista

I’m not much into purple lipsticks but this one is so sheer and shiny that it almost looks pink!
Surprisingly I liked it on myself and it was fun to try out something different.
Price: $35



#445 Smeraldo

Ok the green lipstick is not something I would wear on a regular basis. However it could look cool
for halloween or for a creative photo shoot!
Price: $35


The four lipsticks also come with four matching nail colors (sold separately).
Price: $30

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