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Estee Lauder Color Lip Envy Shine

After a great success last year of the Color Lip Envy launch, Estee Lauder has released a more sheer and glossy version called; Color Lip Envy Shine. Making this the sister of the original Color Lip Envy with half the amount of shades and half the amount of pigmentation for those who prefer a lighter coverage!




Shades in:

#Surreal Sun  |  #Heavenly  |  #Intriguing

IMG_74841 IMG_74971

#Surreal Sun  |  #Heavenly  |  #Intriguing

The Pure Color Shine lipsticks offer a sheer to medium coverage leaving a luminous shine to the lips. I found the texture super hydrating and very comfortable to wear. My lips were extremely dry when I took the swatches, once I applied the Pure Color Envy Shine, my lips felt hydrated and moisturised within seconds! You can definitely tell from the images! By the time I got to the last shade (#intriguing) my lips were completely hydrated. Surprisingly, the formula of the lipsticks are unscented, where as the original Color Envy lipsticks were vanilla-scented and the majority of Estee Lauder’s lipsticks are fig-scented. It’s an interesting change, not sure why they chose for an unscented formula but it’s a good thing if you prefer unscented lipsticks! I do believe that many shades are build able to a medium or even a full coverage. For a sheer lipstick it lasts quite long, the longevity reminds my of a lipgloss stain.

Available in 16 shades
*Price: $30 each


Oh, and by the way – I got illustrated by one of the most talented illustrators in this region: Shamekh Bluwi. In the illustration I’m wearing the Pure Color Envy Shine lipstick in #Intriguing which was chosen for me by the Estee Lauder team, how cool is that!?



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