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Everything you should know before bleaching your hair

As you guys may have followed the process through my blog & social media, I changed my hair color from pitch black to white blonde. It took me a good year to really get that full head of white blonde since I had to keep getting highlights done every three months or so. I still get nervous every time I have to get my roots done because of how damaging bleaching is to the hair. It took me a while to understand how to take care of my hair, before, during and after bleaching it. If you have curly or coarse hair, your hair is naturally very dry which means you have to be extra careful with hair coloring, especially with bleaching. Over the past year, I’ve lost quite a big amount of hair due to breakage, simply because I was doing everything wrong during the entire bleaching process. I guess I’ve learned it the hard way because I wasn’t informed good enough nor have I done enough research on how to look after your hair after bleaching. Therefore, I want like to share my knowledge and everything I’ve learned about haircare to hopefully prevent anyone from making the same mistakes that I made. I really hope these tips will help you if you’re undergoing a bleaching treatment.

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It’s VERY high maintenance
If you’re going from black hair to platinum blonde (which is what I did) you have to touch up your roots every three to six months and its not cheap nor easy to find a hair dresser you can fully trust.

Soak your hair in coconut oil the night before bleaching
This will help your hair to get strong and prevent any breakage during the bleaching process.

You WILL get breakage
Whether you’ll get a lot of breakage or not really depends on how well you take care of your hair after the bleaching. Also, the amount of breakage varies per hair texture but some parts of the hair will definitly break off. You have to do everything you can to prevent breakage or at least, a lot of it. When hair dressers told me that my coarse hair is very prone to breakage, I was taking it ver lightly. Not because I didn’t believe them but because I’ve always had very thick and strong hair so I couldn’t imagine my hair breaking off… until I lost almost half of my hair length.

You have to invest in high quality products
Think shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, oils, leave-in treatments, serums, vitamins, all of that! It sounds like a big investment which it really is, but if you’d like to have hairs left on your scalp, trust me, take this advice and invest well in your hair care products.

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Trim your hair every six weeks
If your hair has been bleached, your hair is dryer than usual so to prevent having split ends is nearly impossible. Make sure to trim of 1 or 2 cm every six weeks, this helps to stimulate your hair growth and gets rid of dead ends.

Orange go away!
Nobody likes having orange tones in their hair after having it bleached and toned so using a purple shampoo is extremely essential! This keeps your hair color looking fresh, cool toned and bright. I usually wash my hair with an anti-breakage shampoo first, then I use the purple shampoo and leave it in my hair for about 5 minutes. Finally I rinse it off and use a hair mask.

Use Olaplex
Whenever you get your hair bleached, make sure that your hair dresser is mixing it with Olaplex. If they don’t, then say goodbye to you hair because everything will break off. Olaplex is an amazing treatment that keeps the hairs strong during the bleaching process. After leaving the hair salon, make sure you purchase the Olaplex no.3 and use it as a hair treatment once a week (before washing your hair). You’ll instantly notice how much stronger and thicker the hairs get.

Be cautious & alert
As soon as your hair feels dryers than usual, use oils. From coconut, argan to olive oil, anything will do. This will prevent any extra breakage by nourishing your hair.

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Your roots need a touch up every 3 months
This may vary per person, depending on how fast your hair grows. The longer you wait with the touch ups, the difficult it gets to transform your natural hair color to platinum blonde (especially if you have naturally dark hair). Roots that are 3 or 4 cm long can be easily bleached in one session without looking orange. Rootse that are 5 cm or longer will be difficult to bleach without the maximum damage. This is because the hairs refuse to get blonde and becomes orange instead. Also, when you’re planning your hair appointment, plan it in the morning and take the entire day off. Yes, bleaching takes a long time!

Take your hair vitamins!
Just as fast as your hair breaks off, you have the power to make it grow back just as fast. I can’t stress enough about the importance of taking Biotin. Whether you have dry, oily, brittle, damaged hair or hair fall, Biotin really helps with the health of your hair.

Minimize the use of hot tools
After all that bleaching, your hair really doesn’t need the extra damage that hot tools cause. Embrace your natural hair texture.

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If you’ve been wanting to bleach your hair for a while, make sure you have the budget to also take care of it afterwards because it can be a big investment. Personally, I’m glad that I went from black hair to almost platinum blonde hair. Even though it has damaged my hair, I’m really happy with the hair color that I have and I just really needed this big change.

Photos taken by Ilyas Gün


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  1. Good article. The main thing is one hairstyle may work for one person but the same will not work for another. It all depends on your personality and unique face shape. An expert hairstylist identifies what hairstyle will best suit your appearance.

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