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My experience with facial laser hair removal


If there is a treatment I’ve done that’s been life changing to me is definitely laser hair removal. I can’t believe how much of my time it would save me had I done this sooner. In this post I want to talk about my good and bad experiences with laser hair removal so if you’re ever interested in getting it done, read more info below!

The first time I’ve tried laser hair removal was almost 10 years ago and it was probably the worst experience I’ve ever had. I used to have a few, thin hairs growing on my chin and upper lip which is normal. At the time I was young and insecure and it really used to bother me so I wanted it removed for good using laser hair removal. The insurance company I was with at the time used to cover the first three sessions for me so naturally I thought, why not give it a try! I did my research and I went to the best clinic in Amsterdam (ahum..). After my consultation I was told that I needed about 5 to 6 sessions to completely get rid of the hairs and so I did 6 sessions in total over the coarse of 4/5 months. After each session once the hairs started growing back, the hairs multiplied and they even became thicker. I thought, perhaps if I finish 6 sessions in total they’ll completely disappear and it probably just needs some time but it didn’t. The hairs only gotten worse and I started growing hairs on parts of my body where I’d never had hair before (no obvious thick hairs at least). After that experience I swore that I would never get laser hair removal ever again. Instead, I would just wax or tweeze my facial hairs and it worked out fine for me. However, in the last few years the hairs have gotten worse and instead of waxing once every two weeks, I now had to wax almost every 2 days. The hairs on my chin and upper lip started growing so fast and I was just so fed up with removing it every time. Not only was it time consuming but it also causes ingrown hairs and irritation on my face, ugghhh the worst! I noticed how self councious I became and very insecure if I’m outside and realized that I forgot to remove the hairs.

I had decided that now it’s the time to get rid of the hairs for once and for all so I had a consultation at Nova Clinic here in Dubai. The clinic is owned by Dr. Khan whom I had heard great things about. Apparently he is the go-to cosmetologist for almost every woman in the UAE.


– Don’t shave/wax/tweeze for at least a week prior to your appointment.
– Don’t use Retinol 10 days before and 10 after the treatment
– No tanning 10 days before and 10 after the treatment

laser-hair-removal-facial-clinic-treatment-beauty-permanent-waxing-plucking-ingrown-hair laser-hair-removal-facial-clinic-treatment-beauty-permanent-waxing-plucking-ingrown-hair

Before (taken in February 2017)

As embarrassing as it is for me to share these personal photos, perhaps someone else has the same problem and hopefully sharing my experience will help others to deal with this. As you can see in the photos, the hairs on my chin are very coarse and dark. I also have a lot of irritation on my entire cheek and jawline area from all that waxing and plucking.

laser-hair-removal-facial-clinic-treatment-beauty-permanent-waxing-plucking-ingrown-hair laser-hair-removal-facial-clinic-treatment-beauty-permanent-waxing-plucking-ingrown-hair

After 5 sessions (taken in July 2017)

The thickness of the hairs have decreased incredibly. My skin looks much better, no irritation and it feels a lot tighter around my jawline.

laser-hair-removal-facial-clinic-treatment-beauty-permanent-waxing-plucking-ingrown-hair laser-hair-removal-facial-clinic-treatment-beauty-permanent-waxing-plucking-ingrown-hair

After 7 sessions (taken in September 2017)

The hairs are completely gone and my skin has improved so much! I was still advised by the therapists to do a “maintenance” session every 6 or 12 months due to my hormonal imbalances.
I’m really glad that I’ve tried laser hair removal again. Being hair free is SO liberating and it saves me so much time to getting ready. The only challenging part for me during this process was staying out of the sun. Especially since I mainly had these session done through out spring and summer (which can get very hot in Dubai). I had to be extra cautious and always apply sunscreen even when I’m only in the car.

The Nova Clinic
Address: 1047 Al Wasl Road
Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 43 845 666



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