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Exploring Bodrum


During our recent trip to Turkey with Turkish Airlines, one of the places we traveled to was Bodrum. It was my first time in Bodrum and it exceeded my expectations. I always thought of it as very touristy and commercial. I enjoyed every single moment in Bodrum and I wish we had stayed longer. It’s so beautiful, there’s a lot to do & see, the food is amazing and the people were super friendly. The coastline of Bodrum is stunning, we were there during low season so luckily it wasn’t too crowded.

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Bodrum Harbor

On our way to the Bodrum castle we walked passed the harbor to check out the boats/yachts and explore the area. It was nice to see so many local fishermen & there were many cute restaurants along the boulevard. Even though I have never been to Monaco but from what I’ve seen, Bodrum reminded me a bit of Monaco.



Bodrum castle

We visited the Bodrum castle and 2 hours really wasn’t enough to capture everything – it was SO beautiful! Not only was there so much interesting history but the entire area was insanely beautiful. As you can see from the photos below, I spent so much time on one of the rooftops at the castle. It has a beautiful view over the water & harbor so I took as many pictures and videos as I could.



Caresse resort in Bodrum

During our time in Bodrum, we stayed at this insanely beautiful resort: Caresse resort. I’m not exaggerating, but the pictures do not do any justice of how gorgeous this resort is. The breakfast buffet was incredible, they serve authentic Turkish food at the terrace outside. Having breakfast there every morning with a seaview is ultimate bliss. The spa area is huge, not to mention the beach & pool area. The water was actually FREE-ZING but I couldn’t leave Bodrum without swimming. We got a tour through the resort from the PR manager and he mentioned the amount of things the resort offers including; yachts rental, pick up in luxurious cars, helicopter pick up… insane! If you’re ever planning a trip to Bodrum, you won’t regret visiting the Caresse. I’m definitely planning a trip back to Bodrum so that I can stay at this resort again, we had an incredible experience 🙂






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