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Favorite product of the week!


Lately I don't leave the house without applying the 'Uplight Face Luminizer' by MAKE UP FOR EVER. It's my favorite product of the moment! I LOVE glowy make-up and this gel gives me the glow I need!

How to use the product:

I always apply it on top of my foundation on the area's where I want to have a glow (chin, cheekbones, nose, forehead). I let the gel mold into my skin for about 10 minutes. Then I'm setting my face with a loose powder.
You will see an instant glow!

Image 1

The more the product molds into the skin, the more natural it looks!

I also use it a lot on photo shoots as you can see in the picture of the model.
There are many different shades. The one I always use is #11 Dewy Pink beige.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask 😉