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The BEST Vegan cafe’s in Bali

Living a plant based lifestyle in the UAE can be very challenging. Eating out has stopped being an option for me because its not as enjoyable anymore (since the only option I have is eating sides or a salad). Before I traveled to Bali, I heard so many positive things about the vegan & vegetarian spots there. I ate my way throughout the entire trip! The type of vegan food you’ll find there is unheard of here. From burgers, hot dogs to kebabs and so many desserts.

I only stayed in Bali for 10 days so I couldn’t really try all the restaurants but I did make sure to check out those popular “Instagram” cafe’s. Not only were the dishes photo genic but also super delicious! Below you’ll find my favorite vegan cafe’s in Bali <3



Earth cafe

This cafe in particular was my favorite of all! They serve the most delicious vegan kebab/shoarma wrap. It tastes exactly like meat but its made from Seitan which is a vegan substance that taste like meat. I also tried their vegan hot dog with vegan mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup! Their dessert section is pretty amazing too, they basically serve anything you’re craving but can’t have as a vegan aka heaven on earth.

Freak cafe

This cafe mainly serves dairy free coffee and vegan desserts. It’s a very nice chill out spot where you can chill all day on one of their couches and work from your laptop if you want to.

Mudra cafe

Mudra cafe is known for their gigantic smoothie bowl which was so hard finish. The presentation of their bowl is very pretty and the smoothie bowls were great! Right across from Mudra cafe, there’s a very nice vegan ice-cream spot.


This is a vegetarian restaurant so they do serve dairy however, many of their best selling dishes are vegan. I’ve only been there for dinner so I couldn’t get a good photo of my food because it was too dark. They have the most delicious vegan satay skewers and my favorite dish was the 666 Dragon salad which comes with nachos, a vegan dip and the satay skewers.




Peloton shop

This cafe serves a selection of vegan burgers which I had to try! I tried the jackfruit burger with a black charcoal bun and some sweet potato fries. The burger patty was alright, it didn’t taste as identical to meat as the kebab at the east cafe. I love the industrial interior and it’s a popular spot for many Instagram famous people.




Sea Circus

I’ve had breakfast and dinner at the Sea Circus and their breakfast was out of this world! I wasn’t too impressed with their dinner menu because there weren’t many vegan options. The scrambled tofu I had for breakfast was so, so good! It comes on a gluten free toast with pesto & avocado. I also tried the Acai bowl which was very good as well and super “Instagramy”.


Kim Soo

This cafe isn’t vegan at all, in fact, they only serve meat and egg dishes. However, it was my favorite cafe in all of Bali! It’s an interior store + cafe in one. It’s super photo friendly, their interior items are amazing, I bought so many things for my apartment. Btw, it’s located right next to Sea Circus cafe.

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