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Ahlan Arabic April 2013

Check out my 2 page interview and photoshoot with Ahlan Arabic Magazine. I’m really happy
with the results so I wanted to share it! You can find the issue in store’s now!

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The cover of the issue

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For the non Arabic readers, here’s the translation of the interview:

Tell us more on your success story and introduce us to your brand

‘Najla Kaddour Celebrity Make-Up Artist’ is a young brand that prides itself for quality make-up application. I’m a celebrity make-up artist and blogger based in Dubai and trained in Holland. I was hand picked by E! News as the exclusive make-up artist for their visit to Dubai, which had given me an opportunity to work alongside Jennifer Lopez and her team. On my you can get a look inside the world of a celebrity make-up artist and you can keep up with all my work, the latest make-up trends and much more. I also do make-up tutorials where I’m sharing my expertise and giving professional tips and tricks on different techniques and styles.

As a woman, what does makeup mean to you?

Make-up means everything to me! I can express my creativity through make-up. It makes me feel more confident, beautiful and feminine.

Some women prefer to avoid makeup, to look natural, and to avoid skin problems. What do you think of that?

This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Calvin Klein; ”The best is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural”. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with perfect skin, eyebrows or lips etc. You can look natural when wearing make-up. There are plenty of make-up products that are moisturizing and don’t harm the skin and have sunblock in it. If you have dark circles under your eyes, cover them. If your eyebrows aren’t even, shape them. You don’t necessarily have to see that you’re wearing make-up. You can have a natural make-up look and still look and feel beautiful.

Do you think that to make it big you have to be in a big city, like Dubai?

I believe that if you are talented the people will recognize this and you can make it everywhere. But it does help to live in a big and glamourous city like Dubai. Dubai is very ambitious and has a lot of opportunities to offer. The fashion and beauty industry is very big and make-up is very important to the women in Dubai, especially these Dubai massage girls.

What are the challenges you have faced, and how did you overcome them?

Every entrepreneur faces challenges when starting their own business. But sometimes you have to take risks to achieve results. I took a risk when I moved from Amsterdam to Dubai in November 2011 because I wanted to achieve my goals and become a celebrity make-up artist in Dubai. For every artist it’s very hard in the beginning to get your name out there and get the recognition for your work. For me it was very challenging in the beginning because I had to start from the bottom, in another country, in a different environment and lifestyle with other rules. Because you are new the people don’t know you or your work  and they don’t want to work with you. The beauty industry in Dubai is a very social and small community where you have to know the right people. I believe that with hard work and dedication you will achieve your goals and the people will eventually recognize your talent.

Most women go to the makeup outlets in the malls to do their makeup, what should make them choose Najla Kaddour services?

Usually in make-up outlets the staff isn’t very experienced which makes it difficult to get professional make-up advice. They have targets so their main goal is to sell certain brands or products and not to give you the best make-up advice. I listen to my clients what their needs are and with my experience I will provide them with a professional advice. I will make sure that they will look, and more importantly, feel beautiful and confident after a make-up session with me.

What new in Beauty?

This spring it’s all about having a natural and glowy skin with a dash of color… Colorful bright lips! It’s a trend that a lot of celebrity’s wear such as; Jennifer Lopez, The Kardashians and Jessica Alba

 What three beauty tips you can give to our readers?

1. Define your beauty. Define the beautiful features in you face.

2. Less is more. Don’t go overboard with make-up, but try to keep it simple.

3. Don’t create something that’s not there and try to make the best out of what you have.

In your opinion, can makeup replace plastic surgery?

Yes I definitely think that make-up can replace plastic surgery. I’m not against plastic surgery but I don’t support it either. Unfortunately I see a lot of women (and especially young women) getting plastic surgery when they don’t need it at all! You can change a lot with make-up! There are a million techniques on how to, for example make your eyes appear bigger, smaller, longer or shorter. By contouring your face you can change the whole shape of your face!

Who are the celebs you had the chance to do their makeup, and who would you love to do that for?

I was hand picked by E! News as the exclusive make-up artist for their visit to Dubai which has given me an opportunity to work alongside Jennifer Lopez and her team. I got the chance to do the make-up for Beau Casper Smart, who is the boyfriend and background dancer of Jennifer Lopez and for E! News celebrity reporter Alicia Quarles who has interviewed the biggest stars and celebrities in the world. I had the pleasure to work with several local personalities and do their make-up such as; Tala Samman, Alanoud Badr, Ascia AKF and Nadya Hasan to name a few.

I would love to do the make-up for Rihanna and Beyonce! They are both super gorgeous and they are my number 1 beauty icons at the moment. For a local Celebrity I would love to do the make-up for Nancy Ajram and Myriam Fares! They are very beautiful, talented and creative persons.


How do you keep your skin healthy?

I always use a sunblock during the day. I think it’s very important to protect my skin from the sun and to avoid getting wrinkles when I get older. Every night before I go to bed, I cleanse my face from all the make-up and all the dirt. I cleanse my face using a facial soap bar and I mix it with baking soda. I have a very oily skin and the baking soda tightens the skin and cleans out the pores.


What are your future plans?

My plans for the future are to keep working hard and making women all over the world look and feel beautiful. 2013 has already been a very busy and successful year. I have a couple of goals which include working with a couple of my favorite celebrities and I hope to launch my make-up line soon. Visit my blog to stay updated with my work, the latest beauty and make-up trends and much more.