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First impression ”Kardashian Beauty” collection

The Kardashian Beauty collection has recently launched in Dubai. The products are available at Virgin Megastores and selective Pharmacies. The packaging looks a bit cheap but at the end of the day it’s about the quality of the product and not about the packaging. I tried the products for the very first time, find out what my first impression is about these products below…



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”Au Natural” Lipstick & ”Honey Stick” Gloss (Kim’s legendary nude lip)
The creamy texture glides easily on the lips, ones it sets in it can last up to 5 hours or
more. Unlike most long-lasting lipsticks, this lipstick doesn’t dry out the lips but
instead it moisturizes them! The nude lipstick comes with the Honey gloss which adds
a plump to the lips.


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”Joystick Lipstick” in #SHOCKING PINK
Even though I think this shade is a bit too bright for me, quality wise it’s pretty decent.
The texture is similar to the Nude lipstick. One swap gives you a full coverage and the
color is super vibrant! It doesn’t dry out the lips either but instead it moisturizes them.


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”Cabana Bronzer”
Honestly, I’m super impressed by this bronzer!  It’s one of their best selling products
from the collection and I’m not surprised it is. It’s definitely one of the best bronzers I
used. The high pigmented bronzer gives you extremely contoured cheeks with just one


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”Double Up Duo” Eyeshadow in #FAWN/SHIMMER
I’m not sure if i like this product. Quality wise it’s really good, it lasts for a very long
time on the eyes even without a primer. The creamy eyeshadow is a bit hard to blend
since it dries quickly. The shade is a bit too shimmery for my taste. I recommend to use
brushes with a white tip that are specially designed for creamy products


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”Gel Eyeliner” in #STARRY BRUNETTE
Great product! Highly pigmented, it’s blend able, doesn’t crease and it’s long-lasting!


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”Intimate Spotlight” in #INCANDESCENCE
After trying out the highlighter on my face I was quite impressed. When I tried it on my
hand for the first time it didn’t really give that glowy effect. After I allowed the product
to set in on my cheekbones, it did give me that glow.



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”Lash Dash Individualist” 
Never in my life I came across individual lashes that add so much volume to the lashes
by simply applying 3 pieces. Usually I apply at least 6 or 7 individual lashes per eye on
my lower lash line to add volume. Also, the hairs are very strong they don’t break
easily (which most individual lashes do) and the hairs have a shine to it which I believe
makes them look more natural.

There were a few products that I wasn’t impressed by, but after trying all of the
products I have to admit… I’m definitely a fan of the brand now! My favorite items so
far are the Cabana bronzer, Nude lipstick with Honey gloss and the individual lashes.



  1. Hayet MUA says

    MashAllah!! Amazing makeupppp!!!
    The lipsticks are to die for!!

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