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Five perfect perfumes for the sophisticated woman

Just like we dress, listen to music or wear a certain make-up look according to our mood, most people also wear a perfume depending on their mood. The perfumes that I usually wear during winter are much stronger than the ones I wear in summer. As a perfume junkie I’m very picky and specific when it comes to choosing a fragrance. Whenever I want to go for a timeless fragrance that’s feminine that’s not too sweet nor too spicy, I usually choose a perfume that I think my mother would wear.  I personally don’t like most of the perfumes in the market that are considered “classics” so I’ve created my own selection of classics that I’m currently using. I usually wear these perfumes whenever I’m in a mature, sophisticated mood and when I want to impress someone (business wise) 😉


1. Louboutin, Tornade Blonde (Parfum)
The perfume bottle and packaging looks like a trophy itself. It’s not a perfume bottle you would casually carry in your purse or travel with. It’s such a luxurious (& heavy) bottle that it needs a special spot in your room or on your dressoir. I personally like all 3 perfumes by Louboutin but this one in particular stood out the most to me. Reason being, I feel like it’s one of those classic and timeless perfumes that even after 10 years will still be worn by many women.

2. Guerlain, 68 (Eau De Parfum)
This one is also one of my favorites and I could never, ever get tired of this perfume. To me, it’s definitely a classic. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and spiciness which to me is the perfect combination for feminine scent that’s not too dominating. It’s a beautiful soft and delicate feminine scent that has all the class of a traditional perfume with a modern twist.

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3. Estee Lauder, Modern Muse Nuit (Eau De Parfum)
I have all 5 Modern Muse perfumes by Estee Lauder and I love all of them. However, there are definitely 2 fragrances that stand out to me the most from the Modern Muse range, one of them is the Nuit. when I want to stand out in crowded areas with my strong and feminine scent, I choose this fragrance because I always get complimented on my perfume whenever I’m wearing this.

4. Jo Malone, Wood Sage & Sea Salt (Cologne)
I find this the perfect mix of freshness and woody accords while still being a very feminine fragrance. I personally could wear this fragrance all day everyday, whether I’m going to the beach, on dinner dates, or when I’m working all day. It’s a very versatile fragrance and it performs as a great neutral base for when you want to layer different perfumes.

5. Dior, J’adore (Eau De Parfum)
I fall in love with every single fragrance that Dior creates, I have never disliked any of their perfumes. The J’adore fragrance has been around for many years and it’s a well known classic fragrance. These are the type of classics that I really like, it has sweetness, freshness and a dash of spiciness. And yes my name is engraved into the bottle 🙂

Below you can shop some of the perfumes mentioned above and I’ve also added a few more personal favorite fragrances that I consider classics.




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