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Get ready for the holiday season with Guerlain!

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The festive season is here! It’s one of my favorite times of the year even though I don’t celebrate
Christmas. This season always gives me such a cosy feeling and at least I’ve got an excuse to eat
chocolate and drink hot chocolate all day lol! What best way to get ready for the holiday season
then using Guerlain’s new Christmas Collection! The collection is already available at the Sephora
outlets! Check out my review on these gorgeous products below.


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CRAZY PARIS Eye Palette ‘Neon Look’

All eyeshadows have shimmery and sparkly finish which is great for the festive evenings. The black
& grey eyeshadows on the left are eyeliners with a matte finish that can be used wet or dry. The
swatches of all eyeshadows on my arm were applied dry which says a lot about the pigmentation,
very intense 😉


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So far, this is one of my favorite looks I’ve ever created on myself. I really like the combination of
the eyeshadow colors and It creates such a fresh look, especially with the nude lips! The
pigmentation is amazingly intense and I personally think that the shades suit my eye color. If you
want to go for a glamorous look, simply add a black eyeliner and wear red lipstick and you’re good
to go!


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You will never see me wear pink eyeshadow unless it’s Guerlain 😉 I really enjoyed playing with the
eyeshadows so I thought I’ll try the pink shade for a change. I used the white highlighter on my
brow bones and it’s my favorite one at the moment. When I tried it on my hand first I thought it was
too shimmery but once I applied it on my brow bone it didn’t look too shimmery.

I loveeee the black eyeshadow of this palette! It’s SUPER black and SUPER intense! Which is
perfect to create smokey eyes. I created a black eyeliner just by using the eyeshadow dry that’s
how intense it is.


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CRAZY TERRACOTTA Healthy glow powder ‘Vibrant Colour’

The ‘Terra cotta’ blush is a combination of a bronzer and blush. Usually I apply bronzer under my
cheekbones. But since this blush has a pink and orange tones in it, I like to use it on the apples of
my cheeks. It gives my face a nice tanned, glowy and healthy look!


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SO CRAZY Perfumed Shimmer Powder Body & Hair

This is basically a perfumed shimmer powder for body & hair. My hair smells really nice after
spraying it on. It’s perfect for the holidays if you’ve got a gala dinner they add sparkle and glow to
your skin. It looks super nice if you’ve got an up do, I would even use it for brides.


Guerlain’s new Christmas Collection is available at all Sephora outlets.


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