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GLAMGLOW products, do they really work?

I’ve read so much about GLAMGLOW products. After reading so many positive
feedback about it, it sounded like a miracle product that every person should have.
There’s such a hype around the brand and their products but do they actually live up
the hype? I decided to test them out and see what results I can achieve with these


GlamGlow BRIGHTMUD  |  Eye Treatment

The Brightmud Eye Treatment is suppose to reduce the dark circles under the eyes and
brighten up the under eye area.










You can clearly see in the before and after pictures that it instantly brightened up the
dark circles under my eyes. I used it for about 3 times now and it honestly has reduced
my dark circles by 50%!!! I don’t have to apply as much concealer and corrector as I used
to so it definitely works!

How to apply:
Apply an even layer of the Brightmud Eye Treatment on a clean dry skin, try to avoid
getting it in your eyes! It may give a tickling sensation but try not to rub it. After exactly
3 minutes, wipe it off with a dry tissue without rinsing it.

Price: 330 AED  |  Available at Sephora


GlamGlow  THIRSTYMUD  |  Hydrating Treatment

Before I tried the Hydrating Treatment I literally said to myself; ”Yeah right, as if this is
going to do miracles to my skin. I’m sure it’s going to cause break-outs, it’s just a marketing
strategy to sell!”

But after testing it out I have to swallow my words LOL! I’m very much impressed!
Because of the thick constancy I was convinced that it would cause break-outs on my
oily skin, but it didn’t. Instead it really gave me a glowy skin, it has evened out my skin
tone (even though I’m super pale at the moment). And last but not least, my skin feels
hydrated and firm. Also, my skin didn’t get any oilier from this.



How to apply:
Apply an even layer of the Hydrating Treatment on a clean dry skin. Leave it on for
about 20 minutes. You can wash it out or you can just wipe it off with a dry tissue. I
wiped it off with a tissue and massaged the remaining product on my skin. I rinsed it
out the next day and I feel like this is a more effective way.

So do these products live up the hype? So far, yes they do. But I believe it can work out
differently on everyone else.

Price: 320 AED  |  Available at Sephora




  1. Zainub Naeem says

    wow! the undereye gel surely works !
    But its so heavy on the pocket, specially for someone whose a housemaker 🙁

    • najlakaddour says

      There are tons of great DIY recipes that remove dark circles.
      I think that the only difference is that these ones give quicker results!

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