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Great face cleanser by Clarins!



Personally I like to use gel cleansers the most for my face because it gives me that refreshing
feeling afterwards… Little did I know about Clarins’
”Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing

After trying the cleansing cream I was very satisfied with the outcome. The cleansing cream felt
very soft and nourishing yet refreshing on my skin



The formula is rich, very thick and creamy (by the way my hand is so tanned I’m loving it, yay!).
The cream doesn’t become foamy after it comes in contact with water, It remains creamy.

The cleansing cream contains Moringa Seed Extract which is a very important ingredient in the
product. The Moringa Seed Extract eliminates traces of pollution (pollution basically means; dirty
environment or poisonous air from the city life which can be harmful to the skin). It also detoxifies
the skin and protects it from the harmful effects of pollution. Cleansing your skin from pollution is
very essential since it prevents your skin from aging!

The cleansing cream also contains;
Mango butter
Shea butter
Jojoba oil

These ingredients will keep the skin soft, moisturized and nourished. These ingredients also help
the skin to have a youthfulness texture. It’s also a great and moisturizing make-up remover!



  1. Asiyeh says

    hi, I usually use foam make up cleansers in order to get my whole face washed off make up! does this do the same?! like in case of waterproof make up?!
    thanks love,

    • najlakaddour says

      Hi Asiyeh,

      Yes it does removes make-up and it’s a face wash at the same time. You can remove waterproof make-up with it but after washing it about 2 to 3 times.

      xx Najla

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