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How I organize my make-up!


Sometimes it can be hard to organize your make-up because of the different shapes and sizes. So
I wanted to share with you guys how I organize my make-up.

I think I am the world’s biggest OCD freak! If I open a closet or a drawer in my house, I need to see
exactly what I have without looking for something. My family and my husband think I’m a freak
because I’m so obsessed with having everything organized.

I was really disappointed in myself because my make-up drawers were a mess and I had make-up
on the most random places in my house, so I thought it’s about time to reorganize my make-up



This is the make-up table I have and it has 2 drawers. I got it from IKEA and the name of it is
BESTÅ BURS. This is where I store my personal make-up that I use on a daily basis.
Price: 1195,- AED



This is what I’m using to divide sections. I got these from a Japanese shop called ”Daiso”. I bought
them for 7 AED per piece in their flagship store in Dubai Mall. If you haven’t heard of ”Daiso” yet,
you have to check it out! They’ve got amazing stuff for very cheap prices. It’s kind of like ”Target”
what they have in the States.

I ended up only using the 3 partitions on the right because the left ones were too big and couldn’t
fit into my drawers.



This is the first drawer I’m going to start reorganizing. I decided to create a lipstick/lipgloss drawer
out of this one.

I got the plastic holder from IKEA in Abu Dhabi a while ago and then I wanted to buy some more
and went to IKEA in Dubai and I couldn’t find it there. For some reason I can’t find it on their
website either so maybe they were selling it just temporarily (bummer!).



So I’m going to start by creating a lipstick holder. You can adjust the sizes by cutting the partitions.



The lipstick holder is done and I’m placing it in a black acrylic box just to protect the drawer itself
from scratching. You can also use empty boxes from the ”Ferrero Rocher” chocolates. That’s what
I use for my accessories but this black box fits perfectly into my drawers so I’m going to use this



This is the fun part! Once you’ve placed the lipstick holder into your drawer you can start filling in
the sections with your lipsticks.



I noticed that my lipstick holder started wiggling every time I opened the drawer so I secured it with



And voila! My lipstick drawer is done now! I added my lip glosses on the other side of the black
box. Next to the black box I placed the plastic holder from IKEA. I filled it in with other lipsticks that
couldn’t fit into my lipstick holder and some lip liners.



This is the second drawer that I’m going to reorganize. This is where I keep the rest of my make-
up; powders, primers, concealers, eye make-up etc etc.



I did the exact same thing like I did in the other drawer. Now I only have to fill it in with my make-



And that’s it!


photo 2

photo 3

Here are some before and after shots. I’m very happy with the result! It looks clean, neat and I can
see everything I have by just opening the drawer.


photo 5


I hope this helps you organizing your make-up.

Good luck!


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