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How I’ll be spending the last days of 2016 + music playlist

I hope everyone is enjoying their last days of 2016. These next few days I’ll just take it easy and get ready for 2017. My brother is in town so I’m super excited to spend new years with him! I’ve been getting so many requests to share my music playlist so I thought I’ll create a little playlist for you guys that’s mobile friendly then you can listen to it all the time.

Catching up on my favorite tv-shows
I recently finished watching Dexter, currently I’m watching “Orange Is The New Black” and I’m obsessed! At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but now that I’m into it, I can’t stop watching. What are your favorite tv-shows? Send me your recommendations!

Playing dress up

I went a bit crazy shopping on boxing day with all the amazing discounts everywhere. I got so many items from Namshi and I can’t wait to actually wear them! I’m still putting together outfits for the next coming days but I’ll share everything on social media soon 🙂 Make sure to use my discount code NAJLA10 to get 10% off your Namshi order.

Purse: click here
Pants: click here
Belt: click here
Sweater (similar): click here

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Planning my life away

I recently started using templates to plan my monthly blogposts & social media posts in and it’s life changing! This really helps me to keep a strict blogging schedule. You can easily find and download templates from the web for less than $10

Cuddles with my cat

I’ve had Minoush since the summer and I’m already very attached to her. She used to be a stray cat and she lived in front of my building until we’ve adopted her. She’s the most adorable and sweetest cat I’ve ever had and I love spending time with her and playing & cuddling with her.

Listening music

On Snapchat I get asked a lot about what music I listen to or what songs play in the background of my snaps. My playlist changes a lot but here’s my current playlist. This playlist in particular is very mobile friendly and works just like any other playlist on your phone such as iTunes and Soundcloud. Send me your music recommendation too! 🙂


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