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How to clean your brushes

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It hurt my eyes when I saw a picture ‘Snooki’ posted on instagram a while ago of her make-up
brushes in a sink full of… WATER!

Washing your brushes this way is really bad and it’ll instantly ruin them!
See picture:

Quality make-up brushes are very expensive so you want to take care of them in order
to use them for a long time.

The proper way to clean your brushes: 

1. Put dish wash soap on a plate.

2. Pour a drop of olive oil in the center. (The reason why you should use
olive oil is to keep the hairs soft and it won’t harm them.)

3. Wet the hairs a little bit then dip the hairs into the dish wash soap and olive oil

4. Gently make circular motions in your hand palm until you see all the the dirt coming off.

5. Rinse the brush (note: ONLY THE HAIRS) with medium warm water.

6. Brush the hairs a little off on a towel, place the brushes on a dry towel and allow them to

You don’t want leave the remaining water in the brush so the best way to dry your brushes is to
place them into the Dry’n Shape by Sigma Beauty. I’m not sure if other brands sell such things
I only know the one from Sigma Beauty.

Good luck!