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How to contour using the Beautyblender

Daily I get a bazillion make-up questions from people but the most common question I get a lot is how to contour. There are a lot of techniques on how to contour but I will show you the easiest one!

Usually if make-up artists contour, they use several brushes and that can make it more difficult for people to do it on them selves. You can contour by only using the Beauty Blender. It reaches all the small area’s. The great thing about the Beauty Blender is that it makes your foundation look super natural!


I’m priming my face first using the ‘Embryolisse Lait-Creme’. With the help of the foundation sticks by make-up brand ‘Becca’ I will contour my face. The reason why I use foundation sticks is because it’s thick and it covers well.

Click here to see the full review of the ‘Becca’ foundation sticks.
Click here to see the full review of the ‘Embryolisse Lait-Creme’.

photo 3

Step 1: Highlight the area’s you want to stand out more
Usually the area’s you want to stand out more are; under eyes, bridge of your nose, forehead, cupid’s bow and chin. Apply ‘Becca’ Silk foundation Stick in Macadamia on the area’s you would like to highlight.

It really depends on the shape of the face to decide which area’s needs to be highlighted/contoured but these are standard area’s to contour.


photo 4

Step 2: Contour the area’s you want to hide
Take a flat angled brush and apply ‘Becca’ Silk foundation Stick in Pecan on the area’s you want to hide/appear smaller or to define edges.



Step 3: Blend everything
Wet the beauty blender by keeping it in under the tap. Then squeeze all the accessed water out of the Beauty Blender. You can see that the sponge is much bigger now.

Dab the Beauty Blender all over the face. This way you will blend the 2 foundations together and it’ll mold into the skin.

photo 2

Now your face is contoured! The foundation sticks cover really well but if you want to have extra coverage then you can apply a liquid foundation on top of it. If you want to define the highlighted/contoured area’s a little more then you can use a bronzing powder to contour on top of the foundation. By highlighting the area’s more, you can use glowy products such as a gel luminizer.

photo 1

I would recommend to contour your face if there will be pictures taken of you because it looks amazing on pictures!



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