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How to go camping while high maintenence

Just the thought of it really scared me when Ryadh proposed the idea of going camping. Where am I suppose to shower in the morning and how am I going to use my body scrub? How am I going to use the toilet when I suddenly have to pee at night? And how am I going to do my bedtime skincare routine with limited water?

All of these questions kept me from going for a long time until one day I thought; screw it, I’m just going to do it because its a once in a lifetime experience. Turns out, I LOVE camping now!

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Beginners tip
If you’re camping for the first time, I would suggest to choose a place that’s not too far from your house (1 hour max). This way, you can get a bit used to the camping life and if something goes wrong or you’re too scared to sleep in a tent, you can just drive back home. This is exactly what I’ve done as well, I’ve never been camping before up until a few months ago and I had never expected that I would love it this much. Waking up with the view of mountains and no sound at all is such an amazing experience.

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What to pack
Leave your expensive clothes and make-up at home, you’re not going to the Four Seasons, you’re going to sleep in a tent, outside, in the middle of nowhere, with wild animals (that’s what I had to tell myself while packing). It’s important to only pack what you really need, make-up is optional but it’s the last thing on the list!

– Basics; T-shirts, tank tops, legging, hoodies & sweatpants
– Thick socks
– Thick knitted sweater
– Scarf
– Beanie (optional)
– Swimwear
– Sneakers (that are allowed to get dirty)
– Slippers/flip flops (in case you need to use the toilet, aka a hole in the ground next to a tree)

Beauty (all travel sized)
– Sunblock
– Mosquito repellant
– Face wash
– Moisturizer
– Make-up & baby wipes
– Shower gel
– Deodorant & perfume
– Shampoo, hair conditioner/mask (in case you find a shower)
– Lip balm

– Sunglasses (no fancy ones, just the most practical ones you have)
– SOS kit (in case of emergency)
– Lots of water
– Tweezers (in case of emergency)
– Portable phone chargers
– Camera

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset  Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

How to shower
Never in my life had I appreciated a shower this much after going camping for 4 days straight. You’re lucky if you can find a public restroom where you can at least wash yourself (even though a shower would’ve been better) but it’s better than nothing. Luckily on the 2nd day of camping, we found a hotel so we had lunch there and one by one we snuck into the gym to use the showers… ssshhttt! I could finally wash my hair and cleanse my face properly, uughhh that was the best shower I’ve had in my life!

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I hope these tips will help you as much as it helped me during our camping trip. If you’ve never been camping before, it’s definitely worth trying especially if you live in a fast moving city and appreciate nature. As someone who’s so used to the modern technology life, camping was the best detox for me to just enjoy nature and to stop being so fixated on my emails and social media. It also helped that we barely had any service or wifi during this trip, this way we could enjoy each other’s company for real this time.





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