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How to survive the Summer heat | Sun Protection Guide

Living in the desert has it’s ups and downs. One thing that I’m really grateful for is that we can go to the beach in December and get our tan on. The down side of living in the UAE is that our Summer season is 6 months long!… Not very enjoyable when it can get up to 50 degrees celsius and the humidity is less than lovely! I’ve lined up some of my favourite sun protection products that can get you through the hot Summer season.


Tips that you can do yourself to stay protected from the sun:

> Avoid sun exposure when UV levels are highest between 10 am to 4 pm.
> Do not apply perfumes direct on skin before sun exposure, it will increase the ….risk of blotches, allergies and burns.
> Drink water regularly to avoid a heat stroke or exhaustion.
> Expose yourself gradually to the sun, especially if you have fair skin.
> Reapply your sun protection every 2 to 3 hours


Daily Protection

On this side of the world we spend our Summers mostly indoors since the heat outside is just un bearable. Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean that you don’t need sun protection. As long as there are windows and the Sun is coming through, you need to protect your skin! The Nuxe White is a super light weighted sun block that can be worn underneath the make-up. After wearing a sunblock for some time, it might not be as strong or as effective anymore. That’s when the Institut Esthederm UV in Cellium Spray can be used to make sure that your skin is protected. It’s active for over 8 hours and it can be very refreshing if you keep it in the fridge!

Intitut Esthederm  //  UV in Cellium spray
*Price 270 AED

Nuxe White  //  Daily UV protector
SPF 30
*Price 145 AED



Face Protection

I always find it challenging to find a sunblock that’s not too thick, sticky and non-oily. At the moment I equally love these four sunblocks. The Nuxe sunblock is recommend to wear when you’re tanning. While the other three sunblocks can be worn underneath the make-up as well on a beach day. The Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The UV Beauty Protector is such an amazing product! The texture feels light weighted, it has a beautiful scent to it and it’s kind of like a tinted moisturiser + it offers a medium to full coverage feeling like second skin! The Clarins and Bioderma sunblocks are also one of the best at the moment.. Both light weighted, non-sticky and they smell amazing!

Clarins  //  Day Screen Multi-Protection (Translucent)
SPF 50

Guerlain  //  Orchidee Imperiale The UV Beauty Protector
SPF 50
*Price 688 AED

Bioderma  //  Photoderm MAX
SPF 100
*Price: 129 AED

Nuxe  //  Fondant Cream for Face
SPF 50
*Price: 119 AED




Body Protection

I love all three sun protection sprays but the Bioderma is hands down the best one I’ve ever tried! Since it has SPF 50 I’m guaranteed that I’m not getting a sun burn, even when it’s on a super hot beach day! The other two sun blocks work great as well if you want a little bit of a tan but protection at the same time!

Bioderma  //  Photoderm Invisible Mist
SPF 50
*Price: 119 AED

Nuxe  //  Face & Body Lotion
SPF 30
*Price: 136 AED

Clarins  //  Sun Care Oil Spray (body & hair)
SPF 30



Safe Tanning Boost!

If you’re in desperate need of a tan then the Terracotta serum by Guerlain will stimulate and fasten the tanning process. I recently replaced olive oil to this tanning oil by Nuxe. It helps me get a tan, yet it offers a little bit of sun protection at the same time.

Guerlain  //  Terracotta Sun Serum
Without SPF
*Price 285 AED

Nuxe  // Tanning Oil
SPF 10
*Price 130 AED



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