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How to wear bold eyes combined with bold lips

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It’s almost impossible to wear a heavy eye make-up with a bold lip colour without feeling
like a drag queen. Some women can’t leave the house without a full make-up on and
others can’t stand having a lot of make-up on. However, I believe change is good!
Sometimes its healthy to step out of your comfort zone by trying something different. Or
maybe you just want to wear a bold look but you don’t know how to rock it.

It takes a lot of confidence but it also takes a few small tricks…






1. Compliment the eyes

Use colours that compliment your natural eye colour in order to make them pop. this
way, your eyes will still stand out despite the heavy eye make-up. Click HERE for a list of
the shades that compliment different eye colors.




photo 3

2. Tone the hair down

Go for a simple hairstyle. Since you’re already wearing a heavy make-up look, try to
down the hairstyle down by keeping it plain and simple.




photo 1


3. Keep it classy

We want to keep the focus on the make-up, in order to do that make sure to keep the
outfit simple and classy. For example; choose a black or white outfit with not too many
accessories. Also, go for fine jewellery or no jewellery at all.




photo 4


4. Confidence

Last but not least… ”You better werk it girl!” Confidence is the key to a woman’s beauty.
No matter what look you’re wearing, as long as you’re confident in it you will rock it!




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