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I finally learned how to French braid!

When it comes to doing hair, I’ve got two left hands. I’m lucky enough to be born with curly hair that doesn’t require much styling. I’m usually very simple with my hair styles; it’s either loose and curly or loose and blow dried.

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I’ve been wanting to learn how to french braid for so long! I practiced several times but in the end I got disencouraged because I simply sucked at it. I always thought french braids looked really cool on light or blond hair with dark roots. Now, more than ever I really wanted to manage how to french braid since I’m a blonde too! The other day, I was being a lazy couch potato and I felt so useless! Then I thought, why not use this time to practice again on french braiding? And so I did! I practiced on myself, with mirror, without a mirror and a few times I even used my husband as a model to practice on. You’ve probably seen him a lot through out my Snapchat videos, but Ryadh has a man bun and his hair is getting quite long which is perfect for me to practice on – LOL!

I think I’m quite lucky when it comes to my hair texture, its not too soft and its not too rough to manage – it’s exactly in between. Which to me, makes it easier to learn how to french braid. The trick for me was to use coconut oil along with the hair styling cream that I use on a daily basis.

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Coconut oil
Helped to soften the hair which made it more manageable. At the same time, its a great treatment for the hair. You can also use a hair mask instead and leave it when you’re planning to braid your hair.

Hair cream
Helped to smoothen out the surface and makes it look neat. The one that I use almost works like a hair gel but its not as damaging at all. The one that I use is by Cantu Shea Butter called “Define & Shine Custard”. My friend got it for me try out and ever since I’ve been obsessed with this product!

I also find it easier to braid when my hair is wet instead of dry. Its not frizzy and it’s not as detangled.

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I still have a lot of improvement to do, but its a start. If you want to learn how to French or Dutch braid, I would encourage you not to give up! There are a lot of great YouTube tutorials on that. For some, it takes a lot of practice (including me) and for others, it doesn’t. But don’t give up and keep practicing 🙂 It’s nice to not depend on others when you want to change up your hair style.



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  1. I hope I can also learn to make a French Braid! It is super hard I just know how to make the traditional normal braid. I am also thinking of using Shea butter on my body and hair from this: because my hair gets very frizzy. I am not sure if it is because of the water in dubai or just a normal thing after child bearing!!!

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