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I’m in Vogue Italia!

I recently, got approached by the team of Vogue Italia to be featured in their April issue. In the interview I’m discussing the beauty trends in the Gulf region and the make-up looks that get most requested by my clients. It’s such an honor for me to be featured in THE Vogue magazine and I loved working on this article. The interview is in Italian however, below you’ll find the English version of it 🙂


Is the focus of make-up on eyes or lips?
The focus always used to be on eyes a lot. Women in this region have very beautiful eyes and they love to accentuate that by wearing winged eyeliner or by creating long luscious lashes using false eyelashes and a lot of mascara.

Ever since the Kylie Jenner lip-craze, lips have become a huge trend as well. The Kardashian’s/Jenner’s are quite big beauty icons in this region because the women here can relate to their beauty. Not to mention, they’re famous for working with great make-up artists that inspires us here. Rosewood, red, burgundy and brown/nude lip colors are very popular shades in this region.

What are the colors of spring summer?
Brown and black eye make-up products are popular the whole year around since Middle Eastern women love to define their eyes. Gold, bronze and frosty champagne eye shadow shades are big for spring. It’s natural yet sparkly at the same time and it combines well with black and brown hues. Having highlighted sun kissed skin combined with blushers such as rosy pink, peach and berry are also popular during this season.

The products women can’t live without?
Having flawless and contoured skin is very important for the Middle Eastern woman so I would definitely say a foundation with medium to full coverage, concealer and bronzer. Other than that, lip liner, mascara and a brow pencil.

Are the nail trends very strong over there as it is in Western part of the world?
Beauty is an obsession for most women in this region so they’re always up to date with the latest beauty trends including nail trends. At the moment, nude nail claws are quite big here.

Are the European historical fashion and make-up houses very fascinating in your country?
When it comes to make-up, we’re a big fan of brands such as Dior, NARS, MAC Cosmetics and Chanel.

As of fashion, we’ve got a lot of talented local designers in this region especially from Dubai and Lebanon. However the women here are still big fans of international brands such as Celine, Givenchy, Chanel. Aquazurra, Valentino, Bulgari, and Balmain just to name a few. There’s definitely a big rise in women wanting to wear exclusive pieces from local Middle Eastern designers in this region.



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