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For the non-Arabic readers, here’s an English translation of the interview:

How did you start in the makeup field? 
In 2009 I successfully achieved my degree as a professional make-up Artist. Since then I started working
as a freelance make-up Artist in The Netherlands. In 2011 I moved to Dubai and continued my career
and I’m proud to call myself now a celebrity make-up Artist. Beside a make-up artist I’m also a make-up
blogger. I felt that this was missing in the region and last year I launched my blog:
On my blog you can find everything you want to know about make-up. I write about my journey as a celebrity
make-up artist in Dubai. I write reviews about make-up products, the latest trends, I give tips and tricks,
I film tutorials and much more.

I always had a passion for make-up and everything that had to do with beauty. I used to study fashion
and during this journey I realized that I had more interest for make-up then fashion. I love making women
feel and look beautiful and this will instantly change her confident. I really enjoy advising women on how to
use and apply make-up, because this will change their lives and it makes them feel more confident about
themselves. A women can wear a beautiful outfit but if her make-up doesn’t look good it will change
her whole appearance.

How you describe the perfect makeup for Arab woman?
I think most Arab women have become more modern when it comes to make-up. They’ve got a lot of knowledge
about make-up and about trends of the current season. I think a lot of that has to do with Kim Kardashian.
She’s the most common beauty icon of many Arab women. Since she completely changed her make-up
style and kept it nude, a lot of Arab women are keeping their make-up looks toned down as well. But unfortunately
I still see a lot of Arab women over doing their make-up during the day while they don’t need it. If you’re going
shopping or having coffee with friends, try to keep the make-up as simple and nude as possible.

Apply some coverage on the skin (if you need to) for an even skin tone color. You don’t necessary have to
use foundation you can use something light such as a tinted bb cream (which is moisturizing for the skin
as well) or a powdered foundation. Most Arab women have dark circles under their eyes, I suggest to cover
them with a concealer 1 shade lighter than the skin tone. Make sure the eyebrows are even and shaped well
(not too thick or too thin). Don’t go too overboard with the blusher, apply a little bit just too give your skin
a healthy look. Keep the eyes very simple, if you’re using eyeshadow use nude and earthy colors. You can
even use shimmery eyeshadow as long as it’s a toned down color. Apply mascara on your top and bottom
lashes. If you like having long lashes, wear false lashes. A tip to make the false lashes look super natural
is to use individual lashes. Apply them at the outer corners of your eyes. If it’s too nude and simple for you,
you can always color it up with lipsticks. Use bright colors such as fuchsia, orange, purple or even red.

Tell us about your skincare routine and daily makeup:
I always use a tinted bb cream with SPF during the day. I think it’s very important to protect my skin from the
sun and to avoid getting wrinkles when I get older. I ALWAYS fill in my eyebrows before leaving the house.
My make-up looks so much cleaner and neat when my eyebrows are perfectly shaped. I keep the eyes very
nude, sometimes I don’t even wear eyeshadow during the day. I always wear mascara and most of the time
false lashes. On my cheeks I usually wear a bronzing powder. For my lips either a nude/pink lipstick
or if I want to add more color to my face, I use brighter lipsticks such as; fuchsia, orange or red.

Every night before I go to bed, I cleanse my face from all the make-up and all the dirt. I use a facial soap bar
by ‘Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare’ and I mix it with baking soda. I have a very oily skin and the baking
soda cleanses out the pores and then tightens the skin. After that I apply a night cream. The next morning
I cleanse my face with a gel wash by L’oreal.

Select 5 makeup products every woman should pick it up in her makeup bag:
1. Lipstick
2. Blush
3. Mascara
4. Concealer
5. Compact face powder

Special Tips for Arab woman:
Arab women naturally already have dark eyes and dark eyebrows. I suggest to keep the eye make-up
very nude and simple. Sometimes an Arab lady only has to wear mascara and some eye pencil for her make-up
to look heavy.

1. Define your beauty. Define the beautiful features in you face.
2. Less is more. Don’t go overboard with make-up, but try to keep it simple.
3. Don’t create something that’s not there. Try to make the best out of what you have.

What is your dream in makeup field?
My dream is to work with Rihanna and Beyonce one day! They are both super gorgeous, talented, inspiring
and they are my number 1 beauty icons at the moment.

Thank you for the interview!