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Interview with Middle Eastern Beauty Queen: Joelle Mardinian

Two months ago I got the chance to meet and interview Joelle Mardinian. I’m sure most of you guys know her and if you don’t, shame on you! Lol! Here’s a mini bio about her:

Joelle Mardinian is an awarded make-up artist in the Middle East. She has her own TV show on MBC for over 10 years where she gives make-up overs to women with many insecurities. She has a beauty salon called; Maison de Joelle with many branches all over the Middle East! Joelle has recently opened up a clinic called; Clinica Joelle. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the brand ambassador of MAX FACTOR make-up!…. And she’s a mom of the 2 most adorable kids!

Joelle’s work and especially her TV show has inspired me to become a make-up artist, she’s definitely one of the make-up artists I admire and look up to…Enjoy the interview! 🙂


1. Why have you decided to become a Make-up Artist?
It’s in my blood, it’s in my heritage, my mom is a make-up artist. and I was such a girly girl when
growing up and the only memories I have when growing up is to do make-up, I don’t even know
why I love make-up so much because I wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick until I was 16. My cousin
was allowed to wear lipstick when she was 12 and I was so jealous! And I was such a goodie
goodie, I didn’t even do it behind my parents back. Once I was allowed to wear make-up I was
wearing so much! It was like an explosion of make-up I literally looked like I was going to a red
carpet event but I was just going down the street to buy candy perhaps. But I love make-up so
much! I love everything that’s beautiful, I love beautiful women, beautiful bone structure anything that’s beautiful. I love make-up so much because it’s like magic and I still get excited about make-up. The day I don’t get excited any more, I’ll stop. I love it how I can create big smiles on women their faces when they see the finished make-up look. I love to see the difference of what make-up can do. And I love to teach women that make-up is just about enhancing the beauty, it’s about looking fresh and looking healthy. It’s not about hiding imperfections. Make-up is about fantasy also make-up should look differently from each part of the day.

2. Do you have a favorite DIY beauty recipe?
Uhhmm.. No.

Because nowadays a lot of women make their own recipe for facial masks or something

I don’t really believe in that, I’ll tell you why. These beauty companies have so much competition
and they spend millions perhaps billions of dollars to improve the quality of a product. There’s so much competition, they want to be the first and the best. They have groups of scientists working on new technologies, you cannot beat that with a homemade recipe. I believe a homemade recipe is great for a nice meal. Eat it and it gives you more benefit then putting it on your skin. I don’t believe you’re skin is going to dictate the nutrition of a fruit. If you want to look good and feel healthy, you’ve got to eat right and you’ve got to exercise, you’ve got to clean and moisturize your face. I believe big time (especially in this region with the sun around) in sun protection.

I wanted to encourage women not to hide imperfections but to treat it. When people ask me; how can I hide spots or how can I hide dark blemishes, I don’t like that for me make-up artistry is about art so it’s about doing something beautiful with your features, it’s not about hiding. Go to a dermatologist sort it out and then continue the regime on what you need to use on a daily basis and use make-up to enhance your beauty.

So as a make-up lover you obviously love to wear make-up a lot..
No not anymore because I used to wear so much make-up for so many years. I l grew up in
Lebanon but I lived in London for so many years. I was totally obsessed with make-up so when I
moved to london I realized that it was the complete opposite from Lebanon. No one wears make-
up in london, no one is glamorous. So if I would wear a simple make-up look with colored lips,
people would asking me questions like; Where are you going? What’s the big event? So it took me years to tone down my make-up. And because I’m a make-up artist and I’ve been doing this job for such a long time. It satisfies me enough to put make-up on other people and then I don’t feel like I need to put a lot of make-up on myself.

3. I’m very curious about your skincare routine, share your secrets!
A few days ago I posted a picture of myself on Instagram right after I washed my face and I felt so fresh! I like that feeling when I wash my make-up of at the end of the day it’s almost like I wash my stress off. I clean well, I don’t use a toner. I use pure rosewater with a cotton pad on my skin. And then I moisturize really well. I do change my skincare products every now and then and I definitely don’t leave the house without sunblock. I have so many sunblocks, I keep them everywhere just so that I don’t lose it.

4. What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty is about personality because I’ve met some women that looked gorgeous on pictures but
once I saw them in real life and started to see their attitude, I automatically stopped seeing
anything beautiful in them. I almost started to see this mannequin like that didn’t move any feeling in me. Beauty comes from inside 100%

If you would ask me who is the most beautiful woman in the world, it has to be 100% without any doubt Kate Moss. She is just incredible I cannot get enough of her face, expressions, bone
structure, her hair color just everything. She’s just the most beautiful woman on the planet and I
know that Kate Moss doesn’t look like that in real life. I also love Jennifer Lopez she is such a
powerful woman and I love everything about her she’s so well spoken, hard worker, determent. No one get’s to that position without working really hard. I work in the same industry so I know how it’s like and I’m sure their life is chaotic.

Especially if you have kids right? My schedule is already super hectic and I don’t even have kids, I can’t imagine how working moms manage that.

Tell me about it… Sometimes I don’t see my kids for days. But I believe that if your kids have 100% your attention when you’re with them and if you show them how much you love them, they don’t need more then that. Not a single day passes by without telling my kids how much I love them

But once you have kids and you’re working, I’m sure you will manage as long as you spent your
time off with the kids. You don’t wan’t to do anything else anyways because you’ll miss them so
much. And I’m sure that’s how it goes with the big stars because you see them with their kids
everywhere. Some housewives don’t have that strong love for their kids because they’re sick of
them. They keep telling them; don’t shout, don’t cry, don’t touch this, don’t do this, don’t do that.
They forget that love because they don’t get to miss their kids.

So because you have such a hectic schedule how do you manage to stay in shape, being a mom and a successful business woman?
I hire the right people to do the things I don’t have time to do. In the beginning I had more time
when I first started ‘Maison de Joelle’ because I didn’t have my daughter Ella yet just my son. Bit
by bit the branches grew and I had Ella and then I started to get my husband involved to manage
certain aspects in the business. I also started working with Max Factor and it continued on getting busier and now I have a group of people working for me, I have 70 employees and I have people that represent me, they know what my standards are and they know what my vision is. So it’s really important as a business person to have a vision and standards so that people can follow them. And at the end of the day the only thing I need to do is improvals. Whatever you have a passion for in life you will succeed at your job. I think it’s a shame when some people want a lot but they’re not willing to sacrifice because you cannot have it all. I wish I had the free time to just sit on my sofa and stare at the TV, but I’m not sad I’m not complaining

Because you love what you’re doing
Yes! Exactly!

What has been the biggest challenges you had through your career?
I have to say the TV show because I have 50 million viewers judging me weekly. It’s a test, I’m
being tested every week for many years and this is the 10th year. Let’s say I do a bad job and I
say; well she looks great, people will not agree so I cannot bluff my way to success. There are
brands and sponsors that count on you.

As far as MBC it doesn’t work like that it’s a business. If the show doesn’t do well I’m out! As long
as the show is doing well, I’m in. A lot of people have come and gone since I joined MBC while I’m still there and that’s a big achievement. Honestly I had no idea, I literally doubted that the show would go on beyond 4 years. I hear it over and over again that these type of shows don’t have a shelf life. And we broke the record because in the UK and US shows like mine have never lasted so long and thank God it’s that passion that I have because I love what I do. I’m not just a
presenter, presenting the show. It’s my vision It’s how I want the girl to look like at the end.

Macha’allah you’ve already achieved so much, what are your goals and plans for 2014?
As far for Max Factor we’re working on AMAZING new trends and a lot of exciting new products. So I’m really excited to do the campaign for 2014. A part from that I just recently opened a new clinic called ‘Clinica Joelle’.

Yes I’ve heard about it
Woohooooooo!!!!!! Yayyyy!! I’m really excited about it, I have some of the top plastic surgeons
they’re incredible! They are creating magic in front of my eyes. There was 1 contestant where the
surgeon did an upper eyelid surgery on and I swear I saw her again after 10 days, she had no
bruising no swelling nothing. And I knew that he did a fat transfer for her but she was super skinny I don’t know where he got fat from I think he got it from her knees.

He can take it from me, I don’t mind…
Yeahhhhh I wish he took it from me as well! But I was shocked when I saw her again because she
honestly looked 20 years younger. So I’m very excited about the Clinic and I just want to be able to offer women that love beauty good quality surgery, good doctors, good dentists, laser treatments, dermatology all under one roof with amazing quality. Because all the doctors I liked were all at different places so now I’m very happy that they’re with me under one roof.

That’s amazing, congratulations! So these were my questions for my blog



  1. Farah L. says

    Interesting to know that Joelle doesn’t believe in homemade DIY recipes since almost everyone does it nowadays. But it does make sense what she says.

  2. Hind Choueri says

    Thank you Najla for sharing this interview with us. I love Joelle and I love to get to know her better by reading her interviews, great job!

  3. Samantha Khoury says

    The interview is very interesting. I loved how she also talks about the way she combines work with her kids. Great interview Najla! (Y) (Y)

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