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Interview with the one & only Bobbi Brown!

I finally have interviewed one of my favourite and most respected make-up artists in the world! She is one of the most inspiring women and I look up to her, not only as a make-up artist but also as a woman. What she has achieved is so inspiring for many women especially for those who are struggling to balance their career with being a mother. Her make-up line is one of the best brands out there and there’s not a single woman I’ve met that doesn’t use Bobbi Brown make-up products.

1. What challenges have you faced during the period of building your make-
up brand?

When I first started Bobbi Brown, I encountered some skepticism—not many people
thought the world needed another lipstick. In the eighties, pale, white faces were in
vogue, so lots of clients weren’t interested in the concept of skin-tone correct
foundation. But from the beginning, I was really passionate about the products I’d
created, so I never let the negativity deter me. I surrounded myself with the people that
really believed in me – my family, friends and co-workers.

2. What challenges have you faced throughout your career as a make-up

I get asked about work-life balance a lot. As much as I love my career, I’ve always
really worked to make my family a priority. It’s involved sacrifices along the way, but
I’ve always just followed my gut and done what’s important to me.

3. If you could go back in time and change something in your career, what
would it be?

When you’re happy with where you’ve arrived—and I really am—it’s hard to imagine
changing anything. The ups and downs along the way have all felt necessary to getting
where I am now with my career and my family, so it all seems totally worth it.

4. Three products every woman should carry in her purse.
Concealer, mascara and blush are my must-haves. Concealer is my ‘desert island’
cosmetic—I couldn’t live without it. It instantly makes you appear awake and
refreshed. Blackest black mascara makes eyes pop and makes me feel instantly
polished. Last but not least, blush is the epitome of instant pretty. A tip for finding the
most natural look—go for a shade that looks like the color of your cheeks when you
pinch them.

Pale Pink Blush LR ConcealerKit_HR


5. A make-up technique every woman should know.
Use Concealer to instantly brighten up your look. Choose a formula that’s one or two
shades lighter than your foundation to lighten any darkness or shadows that appear
under the eye for a fresh and healthy appearance. If you have really dark circles or
need extra coverage, start with a Corrector to neutralize discoloration.

6. Define beauty
I believe that beauty is really something that comes from within – it’s about having self-
confidence. But, confidence doesn’t always come naturally or easily. Everywhere
women look, we are inundated with unrealistic images of perfection. While makeup
shouldn’t be considered a one-step prescription for self-confidence– I believe that with
the right tools and knowledge, makeup can help women look and feel their best.

I try to communicate this message of self-confidence and empowerment through my
products, my philanthropic work and the Pretty Powerful campaign. Pretty Powerful
showcases real women—my friends, neighbors, co-workers, even amazing women I’ve
met on the street—in an effort to show that there are hundreds of definitions of

7. When do you feel the most beautiful?
I look and feel my best when I’m mindful about how I’m treating body. To me, that
means eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercising on a regularly basis.

8. Who is your favorite celebrity to work with and why?
We recently signed Kate Upton as the new face of the brand and it’s been so much fun
working with her. Kate represents the brand’s philosophy of “be who you are” beauty.
She is comfortable in her own skin, has a healthy body image, and is a woman who
makes her own rules. She loves life, and that is what Bobbi Brown is all about.

9. What advice would you give up and coming make-up artists?
I’ve learned a huge amount over the years—from my colleagues, my family, my
friends. Here are my five best pieces of advice, for the beauty industry or just for life.

• Follow your dreams and passions. This may seem cliché, but I really believe that
having a vision of where you want to see yourself and figuring out a course of action
are powerful techniques.

• Don’t take no for an answer. If one door closes, look for a back door or a side door. If
you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.

• Make sure you have a long term and short-term vision of what and how you want to
accomplish your goals. Don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged—it won’t happen

• Work on your craft, network, and always be nice. Hard work and niceness come back
to you.

• Listen to your heart, not always to your head. I think instinct always leads us in the
right way.

10. What are your goals and plans for the future?
Creating great products that help women look and feel their best has been my passion
for years, so I plan to keep devoting time and energy to that.

I’m also dedicated to using my resources, passion and time to raise awareness about
causes that are important to me, while working to affect meaningful change in the
world. I’m thrilled about The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls, an
awareness and fundraising campaign that promotes empowerment of women and
girls through job skills training and education. This year, we launched Pretty Powerful
Mascara in the US, UK, Korea and South Africa, and every cent of the retail price of
the mascara will be donated to organizations that are aligned with the campaign’s
mission. In the US, we are partnering with Girl Rising, an organization that works to
remove the barriers to education that many girls face in the developing world.

Last but not least, I’ve always been a teaching makeup artist—whether I’m teaching
my beauty team how to apply the latest runway looks, or giving women the skills and
knowledge they need to be their own makeup artists.


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