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Q&A with Davis Factor, founder of Smashbox Cosmetics

I love interviewing inspiring people who have established themselves in this tough industry. It’s always interesting to know how they started out and what ups and downs they’ve been through during their career. This time I got to interview Davis Factor who’s a fashion photographer and the founder of Smashbox Cosmetics. (A little fact about Davis; he’s the grandson of the actual Max Factor!!) 

Smashbox Studios was founded in 1990 by the two brothers Davis and Dean Factor. The studio was being used to create high fashion shoots for huge magazines and celebrity photography for music labels. In 1996 Smashbox Cosmetics came alive, their goal was to create products that they felt like was missing on set. ”If the products work in tough studio environments, it will work in real life!” – According to Davis Factor. Today, the brand has become an essential make-up brand for many make-up artists and beauty bloggers (including me) all over the globe.

Davis was recently in Dubai with his team of Smashbox make-up artists, unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to meet Davis in real life since my work schedule is getting the best out of me. However, I did get the change to do a little Q&A with Davis by email to get to know him a little better.

Davis Factor

1. Why have you decided to start a make-up line since you’re a professional photographer? Did you feel like something was missing in the market that was really essential on set?
I noticed that there were problems with make-up during my shoots and I started to think of different things that we could do to eliminate those issues through makeup. As a solution we created Primer, Anti-shine, Brow tech and the business grew from there.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from when designing a new product?
I am inspired by photo shoots/issues on set. I am always looking for the perfect make-up. I am also inspired by traveling around the world, seeing different cultures and how women wear makeup. I always try to understand how women like to look in different parts of the world.

3. A make-up look that every woman can rock?
Red lips – believe it or not – there is a red for everyone!

4. The ultimate make-up tip from a man’s point of view?
Don’t wear too much makeup – especially during the day

5. What challenges have you faced throughout your career?
Even though it is a challenge – I find innovation to be incredibly exciting. My philosophy is that there is always something new to create

6. Being Max Factor’s grandson, has that been an asset for Smashbox? If so, in what way is Smashbox benefiting from it?
It is an asset now more than ever because I see the parallels with innovation. We are constantly changing our approach and concepts with time and technology, which is what my great grandfather did.

7. What’s in the pipelines for Smashbox?
We just reopened the studio and we hope to have studios around the world one day.

8. Can we have more collaboration collections with edgy and funky people like Santigold, please? 😀

We are always looking for new exciting collaborations – we think you will like what we have in store for holiday:)

9. Any tips for make-up artists/photographers who are just starting out in this field?
Artists should connect with the photographers and continue to work with them over and over – to create the relationship. It was wonderful to be able to grow together through your career.



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