Interview with make-up legend: Bassam Fattouh

The genius behind Haifa Wehbe’s stunning make-up looks. The man who has inspired me to become a make-up artist.. Bassam Fattouh. The Lebanese born talent is a well respected make-up artist in the Middle East!

Bassam Fattouh and Haifa Wehbe

He has worked with the biggest Arabs stars of the Middle East such as; Haifa Wehbe, Elissa, Najwa Karam and Mona Abu Hamze just to name a few. His talent doesn’t stop at glamming up women, Bassam has a stunning make-up line called ‘Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics’ and I’m a huge fan of the products!

I have reviewed the latest make-up line of ‘Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics’ CLICK HERE if you haven’t seen it yet.

Haifa Wehbe                                   Najwa Karam                                Elissa
Bassam Fattouh has always been my inspiration. I would always look at his work, and recreate the make-up looks on myself.

Here’s a make-up look of Haifa Wehbe (done by Bassam) that I’ve recreated on myself a very long time ago.

bassam naj
Bassam and I at the launch of his latest make-up collection in February 2013

I had the honor to interview Bassam Fattouh about his career. Check out the inspiring answers from Bassam Fattouh.

When did you start your career and why did you decide to become a make-up artist?
As a child I was captivated by the arts and had very natural and strong inclinations to detail, constantly experimenting with colors, textures and fabrics. This passion led me to Paris where I studied cosmetology and esthetics. Upon receiving my diploma, I returned to Lebanon in 1997 and turned my aspirations into reality with the opening of my Institute in Beirut.

2. Who are the celebrities you’ve done the make-up for?
I’ve been blessed enough to have a glamorous list of  many celebrity cliental which include Haifa Wehbe, Elissa, Najwa Karam and Mona Abu Hamze.

3. How do you go from a beginner to a celebrity make-up artist and working with some of the biggest stars in the industry?
It all comes down to having a unique signature style that women recognize in a makeup artist. Clients can sense the passion in a makeup artist’s work because it translates on their face. I think what also makes a makeup artist successful is the ability to work with each woman as an individual and never try to use one style of makeup on every face even if it’s the “in” look of the season.

4. Do you have any tips for other upcoming make-up artists?
Be yourself; figure out what you’re good at rather than imitating other work. At the same time,
don’t be afraid to take risks and never forget that makeup evolves with you.

5. How do you feel the make-up industry is developed and appreciated compared to the fashion industry in Dubai.
I think Dubai is a glamorous place with glamorous people who love and appreciate all things beautiful. And as you know fashion and beauty go hand in hand, There are so many diverse talents from all over the world that are able to showcase their work there and I think that is what always keeps Dubai one step ahead.

6. What are your 3 ultimate beauty tips?
1. Oily is never a great look, always set your foundation with loose powder over foundation.
2. Primers are key to preparing your face for flawless makeup application
3. Always choose an eyebrow shape that works for your face, they can make or break your entire look.

7. What are the 3 items that women can’t leave the house without and should have in their bag?
1. Waterproof mascara
2. Blush Tint
3. Lip Tint.

8. Who is your beauty icon and why?
I don’t have one beauty icon in particular but my biggest beauty inspiration comes from the 50s-60’s Era, a time that paved the way for glamour and the timeless retro style we still recreate today .There were no stereotypes back then and  women were celebrated for their curves and natural beauty.

9. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Every woman whose face I’ve worked on has served as an inspiration to me in one way or the other; being  exposed to so much beauty, different tastes and needs makes me want to create new looks and develop new products on a daily basis. I just wish there were more hours in the day!

10. What are the future plans with your make-up line ‘Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics’?
The number one inquiry right now on all my social media platforms are fans of my brand that want to purchase my products globally. I’m working hard on making it happen!