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Recently I did an interview with online magazine ‘’ where I talk about my work and give some make-up tips!

The interview is online now on:جمال/18120/نجلا-قدور-لـنواعم-تعلّمي-خطوات-تطبيق-مكياج-هذا-الموسم/18#black


For the non-Arabic readers, here’s the English translation of the interview:

What is your beauty background?
In 2009 I successfuly achieved my degree as a professional make-up Artist. Since then I started working as a
freelance make-up Artist in The Netherlands. In 2011 I moved to Dubai and continued my career and I’m proud
to call myself now a celebrity make-up Artist. Beside a make-up artist I’m also a make-up blogger. I felt that this
was missing in the region and recently I launched my blog: On my blog you can find
everything you want to know about make-up. I write about my journey as a celebrity make-up artist in Dubai.
I write reviews about make-up products, the latest trends, I give tips and trips, I film tutorials and much more.

Why did you decide to become a make-up artist.
I always had a passion for make-up and everything that had to do with beauty. I used to study fashion and
during this journey I realized that I had more interested for make-up then fashion.

I love making women feel and look beautiful and this will instantly change her confident. I really enjoy
advising women on how to use and apply make-up, because this will change their lives and it makes them
feel more confident about themselves. A women can wear a beautiful outfit but if her make-up doesn’t look
good it will change her whole appearance.

Tell us more about this season Summer Spring make-up trends.
This season it’s all about glowy skin that for example Jennifer Lopez is always wearing. Bronzed cheeks, nude
eyes and a very bright lipstick (orange, fuchsia or red) are the trends for this Summer & Spring.

Which celebrity inspires you? Have you dealt with any in Dubai?
At the moment Rihanna inspires me the most. I’m obsessed by her sense of beauty. I love the super bold
lips in combination with her beautiful bronzed skin. I was handpicked by E! News as the exclusive make-up artist
for their visit to Dubai which has given me the opportunity to work alongside Jennifer Lopez and her team and some massage girls in Dubai.
During their visit I did the make-up for E! News celebrity reporter Alicia Quarles. I also did the make-up for
Beau Casper Smart who is the boyfriend and background dancer of Jennifer Lopez. Recently I did the make-up
for Mariel Haenn who is a celebrity stylist for the biggest stars in the world like Rihanna, Will Smith, Jay Z,
Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and many more.

What is your favorite morning make-up? And what is your favorite night make-up?
My daily make-up is pretty much according to the Spring/Summer 2013 trends. I like to keep my make-up look
very natural during the day. Bronzed cheeks, glowy cheekbones, no eyeshadow but just mascara and lashes.
And either a nude or bright lipstick color.

My favorite evening make-up is a brown/gold shimmery eyeshadow with an eyeliner. Mascara and false lashes
of course. I would go for bold lips and use burgundy, brown or purple colors. And of course a glowy skin! Lately I
can’t leave the house without a glowy skin.

What are your favorite make-up brands and why?
At the moment I can’t live without my ‘Urban Decay’ Naked 2 palette. The eyeshadow colors are so nice. And since
I like to wear nude or earthy colors this palette is perfect for me. I use a lot of different brands. MAKE UP FOR EVER
is one of the brands I really like. Since I also have very artistic/creative side I can go crazy with their products.
They’ve got everything I need from glitters to diamonds and dramatic lashes, I can find everything there. M.A.C is
a brand that I really like as well. I’m in love with their primers, concealers and lipsticks. I really like the new make-up
line from Bassam Fattouh. I also use a lot of products from Dior, Chanel and Max Factor.

What are the make-up items you must have in your bag?
I can’t leave the house without a lipstick or lip balm in my bag. I always need to have something moisturizing for my
lips. Also a bronzer and a brush just in case I need to touch up my cheeks.

What’s the common mistake that woman make when applying make-up?
I still see a lot of women not blending well their eyeshadow. To me it’s very disturbing to look at because they
would look so much better if the would blend it well. Also many women are trying to make their lips bigger with
lip pencil. It doesn’t suit everybody and it doesn’t look natural. Don’t go overboard and try to create something that
isn’t there.

Tell us 6 steps on how to apply this season’s make-up look
1. Concealer: Make sure you don’t look tired and cover up the dark circles under your eyes.

2. BB cream: During Spring/Summer it’s really hot outside so you want to wear a light product that has SPF in
it. I recommend to wear a tinted BB cream because I think a foundation is too thick to wear in the summer.
With a BB cream you’ve got coverage and your skin will be able to breath.

3. Glow/Highlights: Glowy skin is a big trend this season. With the uplight gel luminizer by MAKE UP FOR EVER
you can achieve the perfect glow on your skin. Apply the gel on your cheekbones, brow bones, chin and
nose. After applying the gel set in your face with a loose powder to prevent your skin from creasing because of
the hot weather. If you want to add more glow then you can use a gold or silver shimmery eyeshadow on
the same area’s.

4. Bronze: For a sun kissed skin use a bronzer. You will look tanned and healthy in combination
with the glow.

5. Mascara: On the eyes try to avoid eyeshadow. Apply mascara on your top and bottom lashes to make your
eyes appear bigger.

6. Lipstick: Go for a super bright lipstick color. SInce the rest of the make-up is really simple and toned down,
you can go crazy with the lips. Fuchsia, orange, red or even purple colors are very trendy this

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